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  • Roxane




    Directed by : Mélanie Auffret & Michaël Souhaité
    Cast : Guillaume de Tonquedec, Léa Drucker, Lionel Abelanski, Kate Duchêne, Liliane Rovère, Michel Jonasz

    Raymond tries an unconventional approach to save his organic egg farm by turning his pet hen Roxane into a star of the web

  • NEW

    One Role For Two

    Ni Une Ni Deux

    Directed by : Anne Giafferi
    Cast : Mathilde Seigner, François-Xavier Demaison, Arié Elmaleh, Marie-Anne Chazel

    After a failed plastic surgery, an actress hires a double to replace her on the set... Unaware that it’s her twin sister, whom she didn’t even know existed.

    One Role For Two


  • New Biz In The Hood!
  • Lola and her Brothers

Post production


  • A New Girl In Paris!

    Directed by : Alexandre Castagnetti

  • The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir

    Directed by : Ken Scott

  • Just a Breath Away

    Directed by : Daniel Roby

  • Let It Snow

    Directed by : Lucien Jean-Baptiste

  • Memoir of War

    Directed by : Emmanuel Finkiel

  • Reinventing Marvin

    Directed by : Anne Fontaine

  • Nobody

    Directed by : Florence Quentin

  • Little Spirou

    Directed by : Nicolas Bary

  • All That Divides Us

    Directed by : Thierry Klifa

  • Above The Law

    Directed by : François Troukens

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