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  • Two Much For The Job


    Two Much For The Job

    La Classe Internationale

    Directed by : Frédéric Quiring
    Cast : Melha Bedia, Audrey Fleurot, François Berléand, Arié Elmaleh

    Overwhelmed teacher Sophia has to ramp up efforts to compete with Ms. Perfect for a teaching job in Barcelona. The war is on and nothing can stop them! Who will win?


  • Price of Parenting
  • Everything Will Change
  • Superwho?
  • Dancing On
  • Some Like It Rare
  • When Granny Meets Grandpa

Post production

  • The Tiger

    The Tiger's Nest

    The Tiger's Nest

    Directed by : Brando Quilici

  • Maria Into Life

    Maria Into Life

    Le Déhanché d’Elvis

    Directed by : Lauriane Escaffre & Yvonnick Muller

  • Ride Above

    Ride Above


    Directed by : Christian Duguay


  • Way Down

    Directed by : Jaume Balagueró

  • Erna at War

    Directed by : Henrik Ruben Genz

  • The ABCs of love

    Directed by : Noémie Saglio

  • The Morning After

    Directed by : Méliane Marcaggi

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