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Maria Into Life

Maria rêve

Romantic comedy


She came to Paris School of Fine Arts looking for a job but found herself and a chance to enjoy life and love to the fullest.

Directed by

Lauriane Escaffre

Yvonnick Muller (By a Hair - short Film – Cesar Awards – Best Short Film)


Grégory Gadebois César Award Winner - Most Promising Actor (Delicieux, Night Shift, An Officer and a Spy)
Philippe Uchan (Bye Bye Morons)
Noée Abita
Karin Viard (The Perfect Nanny, Little Tickles, The Bélier Family, Lulu In The Nude)


QUAD FILMS (Queens of The Field, The Specials, C’est la vie, The Intouchables)

Delivery: UGC DISTRIBUTION, September 28th, 2022

2021 / Original language: French / Color / 2.39 / 5.1 / 4k available

Maria prides herself on hard work and devotion. Kindhearted and a little clumsy, she has always been a cleaning lady. But she has a secret passion. Hidden inside the little red book she takes everywhere are poems she writes but shares with no one, especially not with her indifferent husband. When Maria gets a job on the cleaning crew at the prestigious Paris Beaux-Arts fine arts academy, everything changes. She immediately hits it off with Hubert, the school's eccentric long-time custodian, obsessed with mastering the iconic dance moves of Elvis Presley. Hubert knows all the students and every inch of the campus by heart.
Maria is amazed by the grandeur and beauty of Paris Beaux Arts. She befriends some of the students and even poses for them. As she adapts to her new job and explores the artistic world of the school, she gets herself into some tricky situations. Luckily, Hubert is always nearby to help her out! The bond that grows between them breaks through Maria's solitude, as she rediscovers herself and a world of emotion. Will she dare make the leap of faith to enjoy life and love to the fullest?


Official Selection