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Ballsy Girl




As she learns the art of pole dancing, a young woman gives her all, in order to reveal to herself and those around her, how fabulous she really is.

Directed by

Katia Lewkowicz (French Dolls)


Melha Bedia
Valérie Lemercier (The Power of Love, 50 is the New 30)
Alison Wheeler (Anna, Gaston)
Bastien Ughetto (In the House)
Nanou Garcia (Fifty Springtimes)
Ramzy Bedia (Taxi 5, Coexist, Marry Me, Dude)
Jonathan Cohen (Pure As Snow, Our Happy Holiday)


QUAD FILMS (The Specials, C'est la vie, The Intouchables)

2019 / Original language: French / Color / 2.00 / 5.1 / available in uhd & 4k

All her friends adore Nour. She’s a tomboy, plays a badass game of soccer and is treated like one of the guys by her teammates. She can also take on anyone, with her sharp wit and repartee. But despite her buddies, her over-protective mom and her brilliant mind, Nour is unhappy. She wishes she could be more feminine and wants dudes to see her as a girl, not a cute brother. Especially since her boyfriend just dumped her for some hot chick Nour is at the end of her rope. Something needs to change.
So when Sissi, a Pole Dance instructor offers to teach her for free, Nour grabs the chance to try something new. Coached by Sissi, who believes in her, and supported by her group of friends, Nour gives everything she’s got to the possibility that she too, can be womanly.

Nour’s climb up the pole may look easier than it actually is, but only through this challenge can she finally create her own model of femininity and become the proud woman she wants to be.


Le Journal du Dimanche
“Melha Bedia wins us over with her charisma and sensitivity”
“Melha Bedia is the new star actress of Ballsy Girl”
“Melha Bedia’s spot-on performance, rich with nuance, is the winning charm in this story about learning to love yourself”
“Valerie Lemercier is delightful as a coach who is tough as nails yet whimsical and devilishly sexy”

Le Parisien
"Melha Bedia makes a big splash in Ballsy Girl"
"Irresistible scenes and dialogue"
"Irresistible dialogue, improbable situations made believable with natural charm: Ballsy Girl has all the right ingredients to help a whole generation love themselves for who they are."

C8- JT
"It's funny, it's inventive, it's moving"

Europe 1
"Very heartwarming comedy"
"It's well-acted, well-directed, funny and socially relevant - in sum, our favorite kind of comedy, a comedy we love"

France 3
"Hilarious and moving"
"Melha Bedia is outstanding"

Le Parisien
"Irresistible dialogue"

Le Dauphiné Libéré
"You laugh from beginning to end"

"An instant favorite"