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Pushing Up Daisies

Des pissenlits par la racine

Cop/Investigation / Comedy


Collaboration on screenplay: Michel Audiard

Directed by

Georges Lautner


Louis de Funès (La Grande Vadrouille, The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, A Strange Boss, Pushing Up Daisies)
Michel Serrault (Happiness is in the field, Nelly and Mr Arnaud)
Mireille Darc
Francis Blanche (Les Tontons Flingueurs,les Barbouzes, Des Pissenlits par la racine, Un merveilleux parfum d'oseille, La Tulipe Noire, Vive Henri IV, Vive l'amour)
Darry Cowl (The Little Teacher, Up to His Ears, The Magnificent Tramp)

1964 / Original language: French / Black & White / 1.66 / Mono

Based on a novel by Clarence Weff

Three gangsters, among them "French Fries," have been released from jail, much to Jack's dismay, who has since been seduced by French Fries' mistress. He accidentally kills French Fries during a fight, and has serious problems trying to dump the corpse. But when the corpse mysteriously disappears, the winning question is: where did it go?