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Big is Beautiful

Mince alors !



A moving film on friendship, in the vein of 35-Something, Bridesmaids and Sex in the City… with a few extra pounds!

Directed by

Charlotte de Turckheim (Poor Rich Folks)


Catherine Hosmalin (I ve Loved You So Long, Maison Close)
Grégory Fitoussi (G.I Joe)
Lola Dewaere (The Target, Bright-eyed revenge, Big is beautiful)
Victoria Abril (Sin Noticias de Dios, Kika, High Heels)


Thelma Films and Mon Voisin Productions

2012 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / Dolby SRD / available in hd

Pretty and talented Nina, 30, and her husband Gaspard run a successful swimsuit company in Paris. Only too happy to get time alone with his mistress, Gaspard offers Nina a one month weight loss program in the Alps. Plump Nina reluctantly accepts…
At the “fat farm”, Nina encounters a motley group of weight losers and is befriended by two women with big personalities: Emilie, the fat, warm, full-figured homemaker who claims that "Big is Beautiful!", but comes to the spa every year and won’t admit that she is not as happy or healthy as she appears; and Sophie, an entirely redone attorney, who refuses to age, diets to control her body and pays for sex to control her heart.
Between sweating up a storm in fitness classes and learning to eat right, our three protagonists become the best of friends, bending the rules together, flirting or splurging on a savory restaurant meal! And they start to realize that happiness and success can only come from self-acceptance.
A moving film around friendship, in the vein of 35-Something, Bridesmaids and Sex in the City… with a few extra pounds!

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"Good-hearted laughs”
“Snappy dialogue right on target”
Nouvel Observateur

“Gives the bird to the tyranny of thinness”
Télé Loisirs

“Caustic and funny”
TV Envie

“Hurry to the theater to see Charlotte de Turckheim’s latest comedy”
FĂ©minin Psycho

“A big fat cure of laughter”
“A realistic description under a varnish of humor”
Le Parisien

"A generous comedy, full of freshness”
“Victoria Abril is hilarious”
“Funny and touching, a film that gets rid of our complexes”

“A touching tale that gets rid of complexes too”
Télé 7 Jours

“A comedy that holds its weight!”