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Shall We Kiss?

Un baiser, s'il vous plaît !

Comedy / Romantic comedy

A delicious romantic comedy about desire... and that dangerous, treacherous first kiss.
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Directed by

Emmanuel Mouret (Change of Address)


Emmanuel Mouret (Change of Address)
Julie Gayet (Poly, Just One Look, Quai d’Orsay, Call My Agent!)
Stefano Accorsi (Venice 2002: Volpi Cup for Un Viaggio Chiamato Amore, La Stanza del Figlio/The Son's Room, Le Fate Ignoranti, L'Ultimo Bacio/The Last Kiss)
Virginie Ledoyen (Remi, Nobody's Boy, Farewell My Queen, 8 Women, The Beach)


Frédéric Niedermayer - Moby Dick Films

2007 / Original language: French / Color / Dolby SRD / available in hd

When Gabriel and Emilie meet totally by chance, they don't know it is the start of a long story.
A story that Emilie tells Gabriel to explain why she refuses an innocent, meaningless kiss.
A story about her friends Nicolas and Judith, whose first, innocent, meaningless kiss triggers a chain reaction of dramatic consequences.
A story that may be about to repeat itself...
No kiss is innocent or meaningless.


Executive producer
Frédéric Niedermeyer – Moby Dick Films

Director of photography
Laurent Desmet
(Change of Address)

Martial Salomon
(Change of Address)

Art director
David Faivre
(Change of Address)

Florie Vaslin
(Change of Address)

Franck Sforza


Venice Days (2007)
Giornate degli Autori


"Another Woody Allen-meets-Eric Rohmer romantic comedy... An upscale French entertainment at its best."

"Emmanuel Mouret's deliciously charming new movie. (...)
One of the most gifted of French filmmakers."
Studio Magazine

"Stunningly good (...) Bring on the sequel!"
Première Magazine

"An offbeat, sensitive comedy. A rare experience."
Version Femina

"Peak performances from all five actors."

Ciné Live

"A wildly inventive romantic whodunit."
Télé 7 Jours

"Mouret treats us to beautifully written dialogue that is becoming a rare commodity."
Pleine Vie

"Emmanuel Mouret is a kind of French Woody Allen."
Studio Magazine


"One of our picks of the year. (...)
One of the most subtle, offbeat, affectionate and profound films of the season."

"Emmanuel Mouret's new film is light and witty, amusing and sensitive. (...)
A comedy that is full of finesse. (...)
The director reaffirms and refines his unique style of burlesque romantic comedy."
Le Figaro

"Subtle, witty, ravishing: the best French romantic comedy in a long time. (...) E Mouret's 4th feature is absolutely dazzling."
Le Monde

"Very well written. (...) 90 minutes of sheer pleasure. (...) Excellent performances for the whole cast."
Ciné Hebdo


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