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Little Cookie


Comedy drama

A woman's life is turned upside down when, out of the blue, a young Chinese boy is left in her care

Directed by

Léa Fazer


Alice Taglioni (I Wish Someone Were Waiting For Me Somewhere, Heal the Living, French Women, Paris - Manhattan, The Valet, Sky Fighters)
Virginie Efira (It Boy, Turning Tide, My Worst Nightmare, Second Chance)
Mehdi Nebbou (Joséphine,Single & fabulous, Big is Beautiful, Secrets of State)


Pauline Duhault - Elia Films

2012 / Original language: French / Color / 1.85 / SR-SRD / available in hd & 2k

Adeline has it all. She is beautiful, smart and gainfully employed as an airline stewardess. But ever since the tragic loss of her husband and child, the only connections in Adeline’s life have involved flight plans. The one person close to her is her sister Delphine, who spends all her spare time in Adeline’s flat, “looking after” her.
So when her Chinese cleaning lady vanishes, leaving her six-year-old son in her home, Adeline’s carefully balanced life is turned upside down. All her efforts to find the boy’s mother hit brick walls and the boy himself –nicknamed Cookie - doesn’t speak a word of French! Finally, Adeline and Delphine are able to track down the kid’s mom, only to find out she was deported to China.
Now deeply attached to the boy, both sisters decide to brave enormous risks to bring the kid back to his mother in China.
“Little Cookie” is a deeply moving film about the bonds between a young woman and a little boy as foreign to each other as Paris and Beijing.


A film by
Léa Fazer

Based on the film "Noodle" written by Ayelet Menahemi and Shemi Zarhin

Executive producer
Pauline Duhault - Elia Films

Associate producers
Assaf Amir, Elie Meirovitz

Christophe Offenstein
(Little White Lies, Tell No One, Anything You Say)

Shooting in France and China


"Virginie Efira and Alice Taglioni are impeccable"
Marie France

"A duo of actresses that works marvelously"
Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France

"Fabulous actress Alice Taglioni has landed her greatest role yet in LITTLE COOKIE"
Femme Actuelle

"Alice Taglioni is fabulously subtle and Virginie Efira is both funny and believable"
Version Femina


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