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One Husband Too Many

Un Mari de Trop

Romantic comedy

She has a great job, a fabulous fiancé and... a past she never mentioned!
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Directed by

Louis Choquette


Alexandre Varga (Candice Renoir, Campers in Paradise)
Jean-Luc Bideau
Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)
Alain Delon (The Sicilian Clan, The Leopard)


Made in PM in association with LMD2 Productions and the participation of TF1

2010 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Stéphanie Vasseur is only 28 and has achieved all her dreams: she’s just been named editor-in-chief of the prestigious fashion magazine “Glam”, and dashing, well-bred lawyer Grégoire de Rougemont, just proposed to her.
There is just one major problem: in order to get where she is now, Stéphanie lied about her modest background… and the fact that she is already married to Alex, her childhood sweetheart!
Back in her home town, as she confronts her husband, her family and her roots, Stéphanie starts to question the choices she has made…


More than 7.4 million viewers on TF1 prime time.


“A romantic comedy that works.”
Le Figaro

“The freshness of Lorie and the experience of Alain Delon come together in a romantic comedy very à la French. It’s Welcome to the Sticks meets The Devil Wears Prada.”
Télé Z

“Alain Delon is perfect as a ruthless, unscrupulous businessman.”
“The director knows how to keep the script and dialogue snappy.“
Le Monde Télévisions

“One Husband, Too Many is a pure romantic comedy.”
Télé Loisirs

“A good script, inspired directing and a fully convincing job by Lorie as an ambitious young woman with secrets to hide."
Télé Cable Sat

“Love, humor and wildly funny situations. A pleasant surprise.”
Télé Loisirs


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