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Juliette's Ransom

Ni Reprise, ni Echangée


Wealthy and unbearable Juliette gets revenge after her husband and friends refuse to pay her kidnapping ransom

Directed by

Josée Dayan (The Count of Monte Cristo, Dangerous Liaisons)


Arielle Dombasle
Gilbert Melki (Kabul Kitchen, Largo Winch)
Muriel Robin (Jacqueline Sauvage, The Poisoner, Captain Marleau, The First Forgotten)


Passionfilms with the participation of TF1

2010 / Original language: French / Color

Self-centered, neurotic, filthy rich Juliette is a complete snob and absolutely vile to all those around her. So when she is kidnapped, her husband and her best friend are actually relieved to get rid of her and ignore the ransom demand!
Shocked and infuriated, Juliette convinces her kidnappers to help her plan a heist that will not only settle a few scores, but bring Juliette to a point of unexpected redemption.
A quick-witted comedy, filled with sharp dialogs, foul temper and a new kind of justice…


“The delirious script abounds with twists and turns and hilarious dialogue.”

“A sweet and sour comedy, lively and dynamic.”
Télé 7 Jours

“An original idea for a script and a good cast. Muriel Robin, at her usual best, is absolutely convincing.”
Télé Loisirs

Télé Poche

“Dynamic, funny and led by Muriel Robin at her best.”
“Excellent entertainment.”
Télé Z

“An energizing comedy.”
Télé Cable Sat

“An original idea for a script and a good cast. Muriel Robin is very convincing.”
Télé 2 Semaines


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