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Mother at 40

Un bébé pour mes 40 ans

Romantic comedy

A 39-year-old woman becomes obsessed with getting pregnant by the time she hits forty.
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Directed by

Pierre Joassin (Mother at 40)


Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Judge Is a Woman, Sky Fighters)
Natacha Amal (Ladies of the Law, Deep Secrets)


DEMD Production with the participation of TF1

2010 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Beatrice, an adwoman of 39, has it all: she’s smart, beautiful, has a great job, recognition and a lover who doesn’t take up too much of her valuable time. But lately, she’s been suffering from a disturbing ailment: she faints every time she sees a baby. Medical tests conclude that she is a victim of her own repressed desire to have a child.
Deeply unsettled by this diagnosis, Beatrice becomes obsessed with getting pregnant by the time she turns 40. She approaches the issue as one might tackle a professional challenge.
But this commitment is unlike anything she's ever experienced!


Trophées du Film Français 2011
Best Fiction


“A rather enjoyable comedy that surfs the tide of the times.”
Télé 2 Semaines

“90 minutes full of smiling and relaxing.”
Télé Z

TV Grandes ChaĂźnes

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