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Wages of Fear

Le Salaire de la peur

Thriller / Action/Adventure

To regain their dignity, four desperate men take on the deadly mission of transporting dangerous explosives in the wastelands of Mexico. Dynamic... tremendous... shattering

Directed by

Henri-Georges Clouzot


Charles Vanel (Diabolique, The Wages of Fear, To Catch a Thief)
Yves Montand (Is Paris Burning?)
Peter Van Eyck (The Dirty Game)
Vera Clouzot

1952 / Original language: French / Black & White / 1.33 / Mono / available in uhd & 4k

A group of tramps are stuck in a Central American village - no money, no way out. When a local oil company proposes a highly dangerous but well-paid job, all the no-hopers apply. Only four of them will be selected, and only one will make it to the end to cash it all in. But the lucky man's fate is sealed, in more ways than one.

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Festival Lumiere (2017)
Official Selection for The Clouzot Mystery

Cannes Classics 2017
Official Selection

Cannes Film Festival (1953)
Grand Prix (Best Film)
Best Actor: Charles Vanel

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Berlin Film Festival (1953)
Golden Bear (Best Film)

BAFTA (1955)
Best Film


"Sensational 4K restoration"
"The greatest French adventure film ever made. Unsurpassable"
Premiere (2017)

"The high point in the career of one of France's greatest filmmakers"
Studio Cinelive (2017)

"The French filmmaker excelled on every level"
Grazia (2017)

"A master of suspense"
La Croix (2017)

"Le Salaire de la Peur: a classic packed with spine-chilling scenes"
Les Années Laser (2017)

"Clouzot's most spectacular and ambitious work"
Le Point (2017)

"The mastery of suspense and action makes it his most American film"
Le Figaro (2017)


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