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My Life in Pink

Ma vie en rose


THE DIRECTORS' FORTNIGHT (1999) The story of Ludovic, a seven-year-old girl trapped in a little boy's body

Directed by

Alain Berliner (Ma Vie en rose)


Michèle Laroque (My Brilliant Divorce, Just Retired, The Closet, My Life in Pink)
Georges du Fresne
Jean-Philippe Ecoffey
Hélène Vincent (Samba, A Few Hours of Spring)


Haut et Court

1997 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Mr. and Mrs. Fabre don't think much about their seven-year-old son trying on his mother's clothes or his insistence on growing his hair out long. Until the day they host a party in their new suburban neighborhood, and Ludovic comes out on the porch dressed as a pink princess! Some of the neighbors are colleagues of Mr. Fabre, including his boss, whose son Jerome goes to school with Ludovic. Things grow increasingly uncomfortable as Ludovic develops an intense romantic identification with his favorite cartoon, TV and video characters - all girls - and sets up a mock marriage with Jerome. He innocently tries to convince everyone he knows that he is really a girl, that his being born a boy was a mistake that will someday be fixed by doctors. The neighbors grow distant and defiant. Ludovic is excluded at school and forced to see a psychiatrist. Even his two older brothers reject him - only his sister and grandmother are understanding. As society condemns the boy's budding homosexuality, his parents suffer under the strain and grow increasingly intolerant of his behavior. But when Ludovic is physically attacked, they can't help but reconsider their attitude. The judgment of their close-minded community is inescapable, though, and Mr. Fabre is fired from his job. The family moves away. Their standard of living has taken a blow, but their neighbors seem to be more tolerant. All seems well until Ludovic's mother catches him swapping clothes with an eight-year-old girl and has a nervous fit. only to learn it was the girl who wanted to dress up like a boy! Perhaps her son has finally met his match?


Golden Globes (1998)
Best Foreign Film

Cannes Directors' Fortnight (1997)
"Soleil d'Enfance" Prize

European Film Awards (1997)
European Screenwriters of the Year

Karlovy Vary Film Festival (1997)
Crystal Globe

Sarajevo Film Festival (1997)
Fipresci Award & Audience Award

Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (1997)
Best Film

Fortlauderdale International Film Festival (1997)
Best Film & Best Actress

Molodiste International Film Festival (1997)
Winner Grand Prize

Other festival participations:
TORONTO International Film Festival (1997)
SHANGHAI Film Festival (1997)
TELLURIDE Film Festival (1997)
ATHENS Film Festival (1997)
MUNICH Film Festival (1997)
EDINBURGH Film Festival (1997)
MAR DE PLATA, ARGENTINA Film Festival (1997)
NEW YORK Film Festival (1997)
CAIRO International Film Festival (1997)


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