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The Night Clerk

Avant l'Aube


A hotel clerk with a criminal record gets involved in covering up an accidental murder. A suspenseful psychological thriller with a top-notch cast.
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Directed by

Raphael Jacoulot


Jean-Pierre Bacri (Under the Rainbow, Charlie Says, Look at me, It Takes All Kinds)
Vincent Rottiers (In the Beginning), Ludmila Mikael
Sylvie Testud (Tamara, La Vie en Rose, The Visitors: Bastille Day, French Women, Fear and Trembling)


Dominique Besnehard and Michel Feller - Mon Voisin Productions

2010 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / Dolby SR - SRD / available in hd

Recently paroled, Frédéric, mid-20s, works nights at an upscale hotel in the breathtaking Pyrenees mountains.
One night, he spots the hotel owner, Jacques Couvreur, and his son concealing a damaged vehicle.
When the police investigate the death of a hotel guest, Frederic covers for his boss, who rewards him by promoting him and taking him under his wing. He is moved by Jacques’ paternal attitude and fascinated by his family and lifestyle… until he realizes he is being set up to take the blame for their crimes.


“Bacri and Rottiers: a magnetic and powerful duo.”
Le Figaro Madame

“A rich screenplay, elegant directing, excellent acting”
Le Point

“An excellent film with wonderfully subtle actors”

“Bacri cooked up Simenon style”
Le Journal du Dimanche

“A fantastic crime drama”
Version Femina

“Vincent Rottiers is colossal”
Tele Z

“A fascinating plot with remarkable acting”
Télé Poche

“A total success”

“Jean–Pierre Bacri is excellent”
Le Parisien

“A disturbing and effective film”

“An excellent psychological crime drama”
RTBF (Belgique)

“A psychologically engaging crime drama, with a tight plot and remarkable acting”

"A film remarkably true-to-life"
Focus Vif (Belgium)

"A flawless cast"
Le Soir (Belgium)

"Jean-Pierre Bacri is awesome"