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Bad Encounters

Les mauvaises rencontres

Comedy drama


Directed by

Alexandre Astruc


Anouk Aimée
Philippe Lemaire
Jacques Laurent
Giani Esposito
Jean-Claude Pascal
Gaby Sylvia
Yves Robert
Michel Piccoli (The Cafe of no return, Farewell Bonaparte, Seven Deaths by prescription, My love, My love, All about loving, The Quarry, The Creeping Beast, Raid in the streets, Bad Encounters, The Grand Maneuver)


Les films Marceau

1954 / Original language: French / Black & White / 1.33 / Mono

Catherine has been under interrogation for a long time by Commissioner Forbin. But it is not Catherine who interests the police, it is Mr. Daniely, a doctor with dubious activities. But something is not quite right. The young girl refuses to be a witness against the doctor. What lies behind her silence?


Venice Film Festival 1955
Best Film