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Raid in the Streets

Rafles sur la ville


The story of a police inspector ready to risk lives to solve a case - and to ensure his continuing success with women

Based on the ovel by Auguste Le Breton

Directed by

Pierre Chenal


Charles Vanel (Diabolique, The Wages of Fear, To Catch a Thief)
Michel Piccoli (The Cafe of no return, Farewell Bonaparte, Seven Deaths by prescription, My love, My love, All about loving, The Quarry, The Creeping Beast, Raid in the streets, Bad Encounters, The Grand Maneuver)
Bella Darvi

1957 / Original language: French / Black & White / 1.37 / mono / available in hd

A city police force struggling to catch a dangerous gangster discovers his plans thanks to the work of their cynical Inspector Vardier and his highly unusual methods.