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All about Loving

De l'amour

Comedy drama


Directed by

Jean Aurel


Anna Karina
Elsa Martinelli
Jean Sorel
Michel Piccoli (The Cafe of no return, Farewell Bonaparte, Seven Deaths by prescription, My love, My love, All about loving, The Quarry, The Creeping Beast, Raid in the streets, Bad Encounters, The Grand Maneuver)

1964 / Original language: French / Black & White / Mono

Love is a fight, a fight which has rules. In fact it's a match - of wits, of skills. This film consists of a multitude of love scenarios for our time which are \matches\ between men and women. The common thread is characters in search of the same thing: happiness, for in our civilised society there exists boredom and the only cure for that is love.