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Action Mutante

Accion Mutante



Directed by

Alex de la Iglesia


Alex Angulo (Carne Tremula)
Antonio Resines (Box 507)
Frédérique Feder (Three Colors: Red)
Juan Vidias (800 Balas)


El Deseo - Agustin Almodovar

1992 / Original language: Spanish / Color / Stereo / available in hd & 2k

It is the future, 2012 !
Beauty and style reign supreme, and make no allowances for difference or imperfection. Only one force fights the system, Accion Mutante, a group of handicaped renegades determined to destroy the society that has ostracised them.
Ramon Yarritu, their leader, is released from jail and immediately sets his master plan into action, the kidnapping of Patricia Orujo, the beautiful daughter of a millionaire, head of the Orujo wholewheat bread empire.
Accion Mutante plan to strike on the day of Patricia's wedding. Disguised as delivery men, they infiltrate the wedding party with an apocalyptic wedding cake. After a violent and bloody shoot-out, they eventually manage to take Patricia captive.
They demand that Orujo delivers the ransom money to the Lost Mine bar on the desolate planet of Axturias, a world inhabited by homicidal miners who have not seen a woman in twenty years.

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Montreal Fantastic Film Festival 1993
Jury Grand Prize
Best Screenplay


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