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Inside Ring

Le premier cercle

Thriller / Action/Adventure

A circle of violence surrounds a young man -Gaspard Ulliel- trying to break free from the gang headed by his fearsome father - Jean Reno
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Directed by

Laurent Tuel


Klaus Maria Brandauer Druids, Becoming Colette,The French Revolution part 1 & 2 (Out of Africa)
Jean Reno (Cash, The Da Vinci Code, Ronin, Crimson Rivers 1 & 2)
Sami Bouajila (Omar Killed me, The Witnesses,Days of Glory, See How They Run, Beautiful Lies)
Vahina Giocante (Inside Ring, Secrets of State)


Christine Gozlan - Thelma Films (Orchestra Seats, Nathalie) and Alain Terzian (Antony Zimmer)

2008 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / Dolby SRD / available in hd

The Malakian clan, a family of Armenian gangsters, controls the underworld of Southern France. At its head, the brilliant and violent godfather Milo Malakian rules his world with an iron fist.
His son and heir, Anton, dreams of breaking free in order to live out his love for Elodie, a clan outsider, and make his own choices.
But the gang's inner circle is engraved in blood. To escape, not only does Anton have to counter his own destiny, but also the man who has sworn to bring his father down: Inspector Saunier.
A struggle to death ensues around the audacious and spectacular heist that the Malakian clan is preparing as its final job.


"Inside Ring" will be a thriller and even a pure action movie at times.
But the goal here isn't to pile up pyrotechnics, chases and moments of tension.
Each scene has to reveal and exacerbate the true story at the heart of the film: that of a young man, ANTON, who, in order to live his own life, will have to break with those around him - his family, his clan - but above all free himself of the hold of a vampiric, proud and violent father: MILO MALAKIAN.

I see the film as a "modern, romantic tragedy". Anton's love for Élodie is what gives him the strength to act, to confront his family and also to ask himself questions.

Anton is at a turning point in his life. There are numerous obstacles in his way: his father… his family… Élodie whom he has to convince of the sincerity of his feelings while proving to her that their affair is worth pursuing… but also SAUNIER, the police inspector whose mission is to arrest them. This stubborn and obsessive cop has a single goal: putting an end to the dealings of the Malakian clan.

In facing up with courage and determination, Anton will leave part of his youth and innocence behind but that's the price to pay to enter "adulthood", the age when you determined your life's course.

I have chosen to tell this story from inside a family, a Gypsy clan, in order to strengthen and highlight the film's subject: "Can one really escape one's family, history and inheritance?"

Gypsies, whether sedentary or nomadic, remain one of the last communities that has never really fitted in with society. Therefore, breaking free of this "circle" is all the more difficult.

The Malakian family is a gang led by a single man: Milo. He is a criminal who justifies his acts and behaviour through the history and traditions of his community. Some of the people around him disapprove and reject him. It is important that we make clear in the film that we are talking about a clan and not the whole of this complex and diverse ethnic group.

Through his relations with the exterior, Anton realizes that his father, this "boss", is no longer in phase with the modern world. And even though he loves his people, he will do everything to leave them. The goal here isn't to judge the characters in this story (each has his or her reasons…) but to show the complex bonds that cause them to act.


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