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Emile's Boat

Le bateau d'Emile



Directed by

Denys de la Patellière


Annie Girardot (The Ape Woman, Emile's Boat)
Lino Ventura (The Shadow Army, The Inquisitor)
Michel Simon
Pierre Brasseur

1961 / Original language: French / Black & White / Mono / available in uhd & 4k

Based on the book by Georges Simenon

Emile is a fisherman and he lives with Fernande. Between the bouts of wine, cries and tears is a lot of love and happiness. One day Emile is summoned by the local big boss who announces that his brother is Emile's real father, and Emile's now the sole inheritor. After a little confusion Emile gives up the fortune for his love, Fernande, and a brand new fishing trawler.