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Alternate Weeks (and Half the Vacation)

Une semaine sur deux... et la moitié des vacances scolaires

Romantic comedy / Comedy drama

A funny and touching film that, from her point of view, draws the portrait of Lea, a teenage girl whose parents have just divorced.
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Directed by

Ivan Calbérac (Cheating Love, Irene - nominated at the Cesar Awards 2003 for the Best First Work)


Bernard Campan (How Much Do You Love Me?)
Mathilde Seigner (Sam Season 1, Back to Mom's, The Girl from Paris, Harry, He's Here to Help)
Bertille Chabert
Grégori Dérangère (Bon Voyage - Most Promising Actor at the Cesar Awards 2004, Officer s Ward)


Eric and Nicolas Altmayer, Isabelle Grellat – Mandarin Cinéma (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, Love is in the Air, OSS 117, The Brice Man, Skyfighters)

2009 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / Dolby SR-SRD / available in hd

Paris. Lea, 12, and her little brother Max, 8, live with their parents. One week with Marjorie, their Mom, the next week with François, their Dad.
Lea blames her mother, hotshot businesswoman Marjorie for the divorce and turns all her anger on her. She prefers the weeks with her Dad, even though he's flat broke since he left his bank job to give people free hugs on street corners.
Max meanwhile channels his sense of injustice into the battle to save the planet!
But over the school year, as her parents fumble at getting their lives back on track and she approaches her 13th birthday, Lea learns to see the world in color again...