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My Very Own Santa Claus

Un vrai Papa Noël

Romantic comedy

Convinced that Santa Claus exists, one little boy asks him for the greatest Christmas gift of all: a father!
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Directed by

José Pinheiro (Navarro)


Alexandra Vandernoot (Highlander, Winds of Passion, Deep Secrets, The Closet, The Dinner Game),
Benjamin Hutin
Jean-Marie Bigard


VAB Productions with the participation of TF1, RTL-TVI and TSR

2008 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

At the enchanting Christmas market, little Julien and his mother are amazed to see not one, not two, but three Santa Claus’ come out of a café!
Luckily, Manu, the supposed "real Santa Claus" is sitting on his sled nearby, and soon reassures the little boy. But when Julien whispers what he wants for Christmas, Santa can only promise to do his best. Julien bursts into tears.
Later, Manu has shed his coat and beard. He doesn't want to let Julien down, but only Santa Claus can make his wish come true: to find the boy a father. And Manu is not Santa Claus.
But this is Christmas and miracles might happen...


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