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Ducoboo 3

Ducobu 3


Three times more cheating.

Guy LAURENT, Marc DE CHAUVERON, Philippe DE CHAUVERON, Élie SEMOUN (based on the comics book « L’élève Ducobu » by Godi and Zidrou)

Directed by

Elie Semoun (Ducoboo, Asterix at the Olympic Games)


Elie Semoun (Ducoboo, Asterix at the Olympic Games)
Émilie Caen (Serial (Bad) Weddings, Bright Days Ahead)
Frédérique Bel
Loïc Legendre (Ducoboo 3)
Mathys Gros (Ducoboo 3)
Leeloo Eyme (Ducoboo 3)
Chad Ebengue (Ducoboo 3)
Léopold Moati
François Levantal
Florent Peyre
Gérard Jugnot (The Chorus, The War of Buttons, Friends Forever)


Romain ROJTMAN, Benjamin HESS pour UGC (Les Films du Premier, Les Films du 24)

Delivery: UGC Distribution, Q1 2020

2020 / Original language: French / Color

New back to school for Ducobu student. But this year, a major rival for Ducobu arrives at school: "TGV", the king of cheating. The two dunces will have to unite their creativity to win a song contest and save their school.