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The Legend of the Christmas Tree

La légende du sapin de Noël

TV SPECIAL 1 x 30'

A wonderful story of friendship and togetherness
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Directed by

Nancy Savard


Productions 10e ave

2002 / Original language: French & English / Color / Stereo

Where did the Christmas Tree take root? Well, it all goes back to a blizzard-bound Christmas Eve in a little church. Around this church stood a Fir Tree, an Apple tree and a Great Oak, and on its grounds lived three little animals, Tamia, Sparrow and Lotor.

Though they often tended to argue and squabble, the visits of their best human friend, seven-year-old William, never failed to bring about general harmony. But then, one dark day, disaster loomed: the priest decided he would enlarge his church-which meant that Fir Tree will probably be chopped down and its animal friends left homeless. What to do? Once again, William comes to the rescue with a wonderful idea at Midnight Mass. The night ends in much gaiety and rejoicing and the birth of a tradition...


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