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Tin & Tan

Tin & Tan

SERIES 52 x 7' 3D HD Color
Animation / Edutainment


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Martin Guido

Directed by

Martin Guido



2016 / Original language: English / Color / stereo / available in hd

Tin & Tan are brother and sister. They live in a forest reserve, in direct contact with nature. For them, every day is a new adventure. Tin is 3 years old, wild and enthusiastic, he┬┤s not afraid of anything. Tan is 6, she is curious, clever and always ready to help. With large doses of energy and humour, Tin & Tan discover the world around them and learn to deal with different emotions, while having fun helping the animals from the reserve.


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EPISODE 01: Sigfrid and the thing
Sigfrid, the skittish lemur, is scared to death. He can┬┤t find his mother and a terrifying howl is
ringing out all over the jungle. Brave Tin & Tan come to his aid, trying to discover where the
mysterious noise is coming from. But this has negative consequences when they end up as
scared as Sigfrid. With the help of Malala, they discover that the worst monsters live only in
our imagination.

EPISODE 02: George's Tantrum
George, the chameleon, has woken up in a bad mood. Everything seems to irritate him and he has no problems with expressing his displeasure. Tin & Tan try everything to get him out of his mood, from telling him fun stories to distract him, to playing silly tricks on him and even tickling him. But nothing works; George is still in a really bad mood. With some patience, Tin & Tan will understand that George┬┤s bad moods have an easy solution.

EPISODE 03: Tuko's enthusiasm
Tuko is really excited for the weekend. He has as much enthusiasm as plans for things to do
with his friends. But having so much energy doesn┬┤t give Tin & Tan a break, who don┬┤t have
enough time to do everything Tuko wants. In the end, Tuko will understand that enjoyment
doesn┬┤t have anything to do with filling your time with activities

EPISODE 04: Ukuku the sorrowful
Ukuku, the meerkat, seems tired and lacking in enthusiasm. But his brothers and sisters are
exactly the opposite; they never stop moving. Tin & Tan try to help Ukuku, encouraging him
to play with them and have fun. But nothing works, Ukuku is still sad. With Malala┬┤s help, they
will understand that sometimes being sad is the first step towards feeling better.

EPISODE 05: Kia s rage
Kia is furious. She has found signs of deforestation inside the reserve and nothing annoys her
more than harming the native flora. Tin & Tan come to help and try to find the root of the
problem. But Kia is so angry that she fights with anyone who crosses her path.
In the end, Kia will learn to control her anger and understand that resolving a conflict comes
from conversation.

EPISODE 06: Zuri s shyness
Zuri, the little zebra, is extremely shy. Tin & Tan come to the rescue and together they try out
various strategies to make Zuri less embarrassed so she can play with the other zebras. From
changing her look, to transforming her into a glamourous unicorn: nothing works. Thanks to
Malala, they will understand that Zuri should accept herself as she is and trust in herself.

EPISODE 07: Mamba's tongue
Mamba, the African cobra, is a lying machine. She likes gossiping so much that she has
played the other animals in the reserve off against each other. Tin & Tan come to the rescue,
and try to control the dispute. But Mamba is so skilful, that she turns them against each other
too. In the end, Mamba┬┤s work backfires and in spite of herself, she learns the true value of

EPISODE 08: Kovu the lazy
Kovu, the idle hyena, never makes more than the minimum effort for anything or anyone.
But winter approaches and Tin & Tan offer to teach him to get his own food. However, Kovu
is lazy to the extreme and is not willing to collaborate. After this adventure, Kovu will learn
that effort and responsibility are very important.

EPISODE 09: Temba's feathers
Temba, the toucan, is more big-headed than ever. This spring he has grown some beautiful,
colorful feathers and he can┬┤t stop bragging the he is the most beautiful animal in the
reserve. Tin & Tan try to convince him to be taken in by the superficial, but he doesn┬┤t take
any notice. He shows off so much, that he ends up losing his beautiful feathers and learning
a brave lesson in humility.

EPISODE 10: Twigi's Neck
Twigi, the giraffe, is very egotistical. She doesn┬┤t care about any animals who are shorter
than her. But Tin & Tan need her help to reach the top of a tree. Twigi refuses to help them
but when she has a problem, Tin & Tan come to her aid. Twigi understands the importance of solidarity and cooperation.

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