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Legally Messy

Le client


He has it all: new love, fame, a luxury flat on The Champs Elysées but also, unfortunately, an ex-wife who wants him to regret the day he was born... and the worst lawyer in Paris!

Directed by

Arnauld Mercadier (Clem, Teen Mom)


Annelise Hesme (Inquisitio, Priceless, Orchestra Seats)
Eric Berger (Tanguy)
Gérard Darmon (Frenchmen 1 & 2, Shooting Stars, Twice nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Cesar Awards, for Betty Blue and Asterix & Obelix 2)
Catherine Jacob (Rose à Crédit, Auntie Danielle)


Kwai Productions

2011 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Paris. Former F1 champion Fred Fondary has it all: fame, fortune and love. Lovely Melanie, his fiancée, is expecting a baby.
There's just one problem: Fred is still married! And his “future ex-wife”, Viviane, wants to make sure he goes through legal humiliation and experiences hell on earth before she grants him a divorce.
To regain his freedom, Fred is willing to give in without a fight. So he hires Antoine Banville, the worst lawyer in Paris, in order to settle with Viviane and grant her anything she wants, including his beloved sports car. But when Fred's angry "future-ex" gets her innocent husband arrested on false charges of domestic violence, Fred breaks out of jail and embarks with Antoine in the most unexpected adventure of his life...

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