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The Robbed Robber

Le bon samaritain


When his loot is mysteriously stolen, a small-time thief on the run hides out in a small village, posing as the local schoolteacher…

Directed by

Bruno Garcia (St Tropez)


Laurent Gamelon (The Closet, The Valet, Diane Crime Fighter)
Bernadette Lafont (Learning the Ropes)
Michel Galabru


Kwai Productions

2011 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

After pulling off a hold-up, Jean-Jacques, 45, has enough money to retire in style. On the run, he ends up in a charming village, during a funeral where he is mistaken for the son of the deceased.
When his cash-filled suitcase vanishes, he decides to stay and steps in as the town schoolteacher. Of course, having never seen the inside of a schoolroom, his methods are… far from conventional!
When wads of “his” stolen money start showing up all over town in the hands of the poor, the townspeople give Jean-Jacques all the credit. Desperate to save the remaining cash, Jean-Jacques launches a discreet investigation…

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