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Learning the Ropes

Au bas de l'échelle

Comedy / Romantic comedy

About to take over his father's company, a spoiled young man must first stand the "bottom of the ladder" test.
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Directed by

Arnauld Mercadier (Clem, Teen Mom)


Bernadette Lafont (Learning the Ropes)
Claude Brasseur (Orchestra Seats)
Helena Noguerra (Heartbreaker)
Lionel Abelanski (Cyrano, My Love, Red Band Club, On the Other Side of the Tracks)
Vincent Elbaz (The Hundred-Foot Journey, Would I Lie to You? Good Old Daze)
Julie De Bona (The Bonfire of Destiny, Killer By The Lake, Innocent, Days of Glory)


TF1 Production with the participation of TF1

2010 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Thibaut has it all. Fresh out of business school, he is ambitious, has everything a man could want and is about to take over his father’s business. But first, he must fulfill the family tradition and work the assembly line incognito for six months, experiencing the life of the people he’ll be leading.
As Thibaut painfully discovers living on a tight budget, he does what he can to fit in with his new workmates, including beautiful and fiery Mariette, a committed unionist…


Trophées du Film Français 2011 - TV Movie - 2nd Prize


“Romantic comedy fans won’t want to miss this date with love and humor. Héléna Noguerra and Vincent Elbaz are perfect.”
Télé Cable Sat

“A well-paced and entertaining comedy served by a very fine cast. Vincent Elbaz is excellent in his role.”
TV Grandes Chaînes / Télé 2 Semaines / Télé Loisirs

“This comedy is a pleasure to watch. Vincent Elbaz and Helena Noguerra make a great duo, as do Claude Brasseur and Bernadette Lafont.”
Télé 7 Jours

“A touching, yet joyous social comedy served by remarkable actors.”
Télé Poche

“A light, dynamic and totally screwball comedy.”
Télé Z

“A very fine fable.”

“Héléna Noguerra shines. Cast is quite impressive.”
Le Monde Télévisions

“Delicious dialogue. A good tight script.”
“Learning the Ropes is an all-you-can-eat delight.”


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