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Double Scent

Double flair



Directed by

Denis Malleval (Chez Maupassant, Ladies of the Law)


Arnaud Giovaninetti
Elise Tielrooy (The Avignon Prophecy)
Darry Cowl (The Little Teacher, Up to His Ears, The Magnificent Tramp)


Grundy France

2002 / Original language: French / Color / 1.66 / Stereo

Some people think being a cop is a dog's life. And what about a cop who's a dog?
Juliette and Thomas are twin sister and brother and cops... until Thomas is fatally run down by a car while on an assignment. He is immediately reincarnated in a stray dog who takes refuge at Juliette's! It's not easy when, even as man's best friend, you can't get your own sister's attention when you continue working on the case to discover the murderer...

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