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The Man of Your Dreams

L'homme de ta vie

Romantic comedy

A woman coaches her best friend in romancing a man who is indifferent to her

Directed by

Laurence Katrian (R.I.S, Chasing Love)


Arielle Dombasle
Michèle Bernier
Patrick Catalifo


DEMD Productions

2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

For the first time of her life, Charlotte, a famous gallery owner, is in love. “Love at first sight”. Unfortunately, Nicolas, a humanitarian aid surgeon, couldn’t care less. Charlotte may have beauty and charm, the futility of her trendy art world represents everything he hates.
Under these circumstances, how can she win his heart?
Sophie, her childhood friend, entirely devoted to the children of her association, tries to reason Charlotte but it’s no use.
Charlotte comes up with a brilliant idea : Nicolas being an old friend of Sophie’s, she must know him very well, which means Sophie can help her find the way to his heart. Just like Cyrano helped out his friend Tristan win Roxane…


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