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Campers in Paradise 57 to 62

Camping Paradis - Episodes 57 à 62

SERIES 6 x 90' in a series totalizing 62 episodes


Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!

Directed by



Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Princess Erika
Thierry Heckendorn


JLA Productions with the participation of TF1, RTL-TVI and TSR

Delivery: Fall 2018

2017 / Original language: French / Color

When he takes over the family campsite after his parents' death, Tom has no idea what to expect.
On the alert for undercover tour guide inspectors, trying to identify a baby’s father or dealing with a man who claims to be the co-owner of the site, Tom has to make sure the campers enjoy their vacations. And his staff — Rosy at reception, Xavier at the bar, Amandine in water sports and André in maintenance- are not always a great help.
Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!


Episodes 57/58 - The More the Merrier
Just like every year, Tom welcomes the charming Lefranc family, with their four kids! But this year, the Lefrancs have their hands full. Oscar is constantly making trouble, Mathilde can't seem to fit in with other kids her age, Pauline is staking out her independence by being oppositional with her parents and Martin wants to quit school to become a bartender. Their father Christophe is proud and happy to announce that he got a call from work informing him that he is being transferred to Paris in the fall. For Elodie, leaving their hometown in the south of France and subjecting their kids to a move is not good news at all.
Tom welcomes Stan, who comes to the campsite to see Juliette. What a surprise for her to see him! She tells the team that Stan is her husband, but they have been separated for two years now. Why did Stan come there to see Juliette? Will Juliette get back together with him and stay at the campsite?

Episodes 59/60 - My Brother-in-Law and Me
Tom and the team are really excited to welcome Tom's sister Elsa, who is coming to the camp to introduce them to her new boyfriend Greg. Tom has been bending over backwards to make everything perfect for the two young lovebirds. But Tom gets a big surprise when he meets Greg, who is not at all what he expected.
Maud, a professional dancer and a friend of Juliette's, comes to the campsite to hold a dance workshop for the young people at the camp. It's her first time dancing since she had a serious knee injury six months ago. Everything is finally working out for the best for her. But her boyfriend Antoine is going to have to give her some terrible news about his future.

Episodes 61/62 - My Best Friend's Girlfriend
Xavier is delighted to welcome Alexandra, a lovely young woman who has come to lead a one-week cupcake workshop. They've already hooked up and spent a night together, so Xavier is really looking forward to seeing her again. Only problem is, when Alexandra shows up and meets Tom, it's love at first sight! What will Tom do? Will he choose love or protect his friendship with his oldest friend?
Zacharie comes to camp with his 16-year-old niece Gwen and 12-year-old nephew Nathan. He has been their legal guardian since the recent death of his sister, the kids' mother. But Gwen and Nathan aren't very familiar with their uncle, who has been living in Silicone Valley. Zacharie, only 27, finds himself launched full-force into a new life as a young single parent to two sensitive, difficult teens just at the moment when the child protection agency inspector shows up to evaluate whether he is fit to retain custody.

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