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Divorce à la française

L'Ex de ma vie

Romantic comedy


Ariane and Nino have one week to get a quickie divorce in Paris so she can remarry. Their trip to the city of love will take an unexpected turn.

Directed by

Dorothée Sebbagh


Géraldine Nakache (Houba! On the Trail of the Marsupilami, All that glitters, French Women, Playing Dead)
Kim Rossi Stuart (Romanzo Criminale, Along the Ridge, Angels of Evil, Libero)
Pascal Demolon (Divorce à la française, Radiostars, Merry Christmas)
Catherine Jacob (Rose à Crédit, Auntie Danielle)
Sophie Cattani (Tomboy, Poliss)


Les films du 24 (Christine Rouxel) and coproduced by Cattleya

2014 / Original language: French, Italian / Color / 2.35 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Ariane and Nino were never a traditional couple. They didn’t have a white wedding, got married in jeans and lived happily but unconventionally. Nino teaching primary school in a small village next to Rome and Ariane touring the world as a concert violinist, until their fundamental differences got the better of their love. Two years later, Ariane wants to marry and move to America with acclaimed conductor Christen, but divorce in Italy takes three years. In France, it takes eight days. Ariane proposes divorce to Nino who agrees on one condition: they spend that week in Paris, on the honeymoon they never had…


"A sparkling comedy" Closer

"An offbeat romantic comedy" Voici

"Géraldine Nakache is irresistible" Direct Matin

"A charming comedy" Femme Actuelle

"A wonderful Parisian postcard" Public