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Glorious Homecoming

Citoyen d'honneur

Comedy drama


A world-famous author returning to his hometown gets a glorious welcome that turns out to be a lot more than he bargained for!
Screenplay Videos

Remake of

Directed by

Mohamed Hamidi (The Cow, New Biz In The Hood, Queens of The Field, Homeland)


Kad Merad (The Big Hit, Queens of The Field, Welcome to the Sticks, Little Nicolas)
Fatsah Bouyahmed (The Cow, The Rose Maker, The Imaginary Doctor)
Oulaya Amamra (Divines, Hard Shell, Soft Shell)
Zinedine Soualem
Brahim Bouhlel (Super Who?)


Axel Films Production

2022 / Original language: French / Color

Successful writer Samir Amin has lived in Paris since he left his hometown in Algeria 40 years ago. After winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, he has turned down the many international honors people try to give him – until the day his hometown invites him back to get a special award. To everyone’s surprise, he accepts. Samir’s childhood buddy Miloud welcomes him like a superhero. As they tour town and country, sharing moments of joy and emotion, Samir revisits the old world he left behind and discovers a new generation of young activists who share his commitment to justice and change. Though filled with new hope, Samir soon finds out that going back to the real places and people behind his inspiration can lead to unexpected consequences


20 Minutes
"Mohamed Hamidi’s film, overflowing with kindness, reconciles past and future."

"A hilarious and eye-opening film, full of hope."

Franceinfo Culture
"Glorious Homecoming is a moving, sensitive comedy drama."

Le Figaro
"A sunny, light film, Glorious Homecoming has another superpower. Under the guise of comedy, it dares to show the current tensions, conflicts and aspirations of Algerian youth in rebellion."

Le Point
"Mohamed Hamidi tells this homecoming story full of twists and turns with humor and sharp wit."

Les Echos
"Glorious Homecoming, with its humor and subtle melancholy, paints a convincing portrait of a restless writer against the backdrop of a country in an equally vital state of unrest."

"Glorious Homecoming, enjoyable yet disconcerting, is anything but harmless fiction."

La Croix
"A funny, sensitive story."

Le Journal du Dimanche
"What a pure delight Kad Merad and Fatsah Bouyahmed’s arguments are! Often burlesque and bursting with silly humor, they reveal a friendship full of tenderness and mutual respect."

Télé 2 semaines
"After the first half-hour, which borders on caricature, this remake of an Argentinian story takes to wing and soars thanks to Oulaya Amamra, who breathes new life into the film."

"A popular comedy filled with noble, sunny humanism."