Once in a Lifetime

Les Héritiers



A teacher manages to get her toughest class involved in a collective project that could give a whole new meaning to the lives of her students

Directed by

Marie-Castille Mention Schaar (Bowling)


Ariane Ascaride (Marius and Jeannette – Best actress at the César Awards 1998, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, The Town is Quiet, Marie-Jo and Her 2 Lovers)
Geneviève Mnich (Séraphine)
Ahmed Dramé (The Dream Kids)
Stéphane Bak


Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, Pierre Kubel (Loma Nasha Films)

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 2.35 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Anne Gueguen is more than just a high school history teacher: she actually cares about the troubled, inner-city students she's supposed to educate. And this year, as always, Anne's got a tough class. Frustrated by their materialism and lack of ambition, Anne challenges them, despite their unlikelihood of winning, to take part in a national High school Competition around what it meant to be a teen in a Nazi concentration camp...
Determined to push her students as far as they'll go, Anne puts her own life on hold and uses all her creativity and willpower to grab their attention and get them motivated. As the deadline creeps closer, the kids start to open up to each other and believe in themselves. And while it may not resolve the challenges of their daily lives now, the collective project's outcome could be the one thing that changes the rest of their lives and helps them find their way.


Premio Seminci Joven
International Film Festival - Valladolid 2014

COLCOA FILM FESTIVAL (2015) - Official Selection


$4 Million FRENCH B.O.


“This film overflows with incredible humanity”
Najat Vallaud –Belkacem/ Minister of National Education

“This popular film tells us loud and clear that school can make a difference.”

“A civic-minded film full of hope and emotion”
Paris Match

“A reflection on the role teachers play, magnificently incarnated by Ariane Ascaride.”
Le Monde

“Emotion is created by Auschwitz survivor Léon Zyguel and the stories he tells to the intensely moved students.”

“A blast of fresh air”
“A film to talk about”
“A much-needed film, full of emotion”
“Warms the heart”

“A remarkable and unforgettable moment”
Le Figaro Magazine

“Les Héritiers pays homage to young kids from the suburban projects with modesty and realism.”
Le Figaro

“An electrifying film”
Figaro Madame

“Compelling and full of hope”
Télé 2 Semaines

“A very beautiful film”
France Culture

“A very beautiful film”

“A very beautiful history lesson”
“Hats off”
Le Parisien

“An overwhelming adventure, flooded with optimism”

“Touching. A film that avoids clichés”

“A lovely surprise”
“The film proves irresistible”
Le Temps (Switzerland)

“Together, we’re moved and we’re revolted; in sum, we’re thrilled”
Pretties (Teen Magazine)

“The story is beautiful and poignant. […] they fill us with a wholesome breath of hope”
La Vie

“There are at least two beautiful stories. The story the film tells[…] and the story of one of these students, Ahmed Dramé”
Le Quotidien du médecin

“A very moving film”
France 2 “Vivement Dimanche” - Michel Drucker

"It's a very human film, full of hope, with a magnificent performance by Ariane Ascarie in the role of the teacher. A very moving and exhilarating film"
“L’Echo du Public – Ecran Total

"A film to enjoy, that goes under your skin and definitely deserves the best grade"
ZDF heute journal

"With great art LES HÉRITIERS achieves to retell and to reshape a well known story with a warm heart, great humor and amazing actors"

"Completely un-pedagogic, directed with a light heart, but still very profound. A beautiful small wonder of a film"
ARD Morgenmagazin

"LES HÉRITIERS shows how courage and education change worlds"
Abendzeitung München

"With a straightforward and intense direction this film hits right in the heart"
BR Kino Kino

"Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar made a witty film, that is important and entertaining"
Deutschlandradio Kultur

"This is uncomparable to German blockbusters playing in schools. This plays in a different league. LES HÉRITIERS shows what becomes possible if a director takes her characters seriously and does not gamble away the chance to learn something through cinema – and to like it. This film does not impose itself on those whose story it is supposed to tell. Instead, it makes them great and beautiful"
Berliner Zeitung


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