Love at first child

Ange et Gabrielle

Romantic comedy


An unexpected RomCom about being unable to resist the laws of attraction

Directed by

Anne Giafferi


Patrick Bruel (What’s in a name, A Secret)
Isabelle Carré (Breathe, The Dandelions, Headwinds, Romantics Anonymous)
Alice de Lencquesaing (Water Lilies)
Thomas Soliveres (The Student and Mr. Henri, Breathe, The Intouchables)
Laurent Stocker (Bye Bye Morons, De Gaulle)
Carole Franck (Hippocrates, Love)


Benji Films & Palazzo Films

2015 / Original language: French / Color / 1.85 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Despite some back pain after a wild one-night stand, successful architect and womanizer Ange Pagani is having a perfectly normal day. Until a frantic woman named Gabrielle turns up at his office, claiming his son has gotten her teenage daughter pregnant. Problem is, Ange has no son! He does everything to avoid Gabrielle, but for some reason, finds himself irresistibly drawn to this impassioned and proud single mother, wreaking havoc in his life.
The situation goes from bad to worse with the involvement of the son it turns out Ange does have, and the rapidly approaching baby. And then she is born, and everything changes. Ange gets a taste of parenthood, while Gabrielle struggles to keep her life and growing attraction for Ange, from spinning out of control. But as everyone involved is forced to face the bonds that unite them, this improbable, mismatched family somehow comes together and they all discover something most of them never expected. Unconditional love.

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"Funny and touching”
Europe 1

"An enjoyable comedy that makes you feel great"
Version Femina

"Funny and believable"
"Loved this film"
Le Parisien

"A comedy right with the times"
"The perfect romantic comedy to dream about"
La Dernière Heure / Belgique

"A very up-to-date romantic comedy"
CinéTéléRevue/ Belgique

"A warm and funny comedy"


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