Les Souvenirs

Comedy drama


A witty Dramedy about two generations looking forward without forgetting to look back
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Based on the renowned author of Delicacy, David Foenkinos

Directed by

Jean-Paul Rouve (The Tuche, C’est la Vie!, Dalida)


Annie Cordy (Memories)
Mathieu Spinosi (Neuilly Yo Mama)
Michel Blanc (César award - Best supporting actor for The Minister, The Witnesses, Cannes Film Festival - Best Actor for Menage)
Chantal Lauby (The Gilded Cage, Your hands on my hips)
Flore Bonaventura (Memories, Chinese Puzzle)
Audrey Lamy (Memories, Beauty and the Beast, All That Glitters, The New Adventures of Aladdin)
Jacques Boudet (The Minister, Romantics Anonymous, The Names of Love, Lady Jane)
William Lebghil (Soda)


Maxime Delauney, Romain Rousseau (Nolita Cinéma)

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 2.40 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

Romain, 23, has his whole life ahead of him. A student working nights in a hotel, he is plotting a career as a novelist and, of course, looking for love. His grandmother Madeleine has her best years behind her but she's defiantly full of life. When her sons put her in a retirement home after her husband passes away, Madeleine can't help feeling out of place.
One day, Madeleine goes missing. She's escaped!
Romain sets off to look for her, somewhere in his grandmother's memories…

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Colcoa Film Festival 2015
Official Selection


$7 Million FRENCH B.O.


"An enjoyable French family dramedy"
"This coming-of-all-ages story is carried by strong performances and a few welcome stabs at humor"
Hollywood Reporter

"The subtly directed Feelgood-Movie à la francaise manages the balance between melancholy and courage with great tenderness".
Abendzeitung München (Germany)

"The great strength of the film: it’s relaxed understatement".
Zitty (Germany)

"A nice, serious-light, enjoyable French generation-comedy with a fine scent of recognition".
Deutschlandradio Kultur (Germany)

"As hospitable as a generous host who offers a soft pillow to a harrowed visitor".
Berliner Zeitung (Germany)

"A bitter-sweet film"."The film tells a story of death, cross-generational relationships and the urgency, to enjoy its life to the fullest, with great humanity. A bitter-sweet comedy which reminds you that you want to be like a Twix: not alone.
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

"A wonderful film. MEMORIES pulls at your heartstrings and recounts very movingly the chances in life that should better be used.
MDR (Germany)

"A very beautiful film"
Europe 1

"Touching, funny and sensitive"
Paris Match

"Hits you in the heart"
Le Parisien

"A magnanimous comedy chock-full of imagination"
Studio Cinelive

"The film oscillates between joy and pain and feels like a reassuring caress."
"A magnanimous comedy full of imagination"
Studio Cinelive

"Moving and sensitive"
Marie Claire

"A superbly subtle adaptation of the best seller by David Foenkinos"

"Jean-Paul Rouve explores a serious subject with tenderness and sensitivity"
Madame Figaro

"Annie Cordy leaves no one indifferent"
"A serious, melancholy and sweet film"
Le Figaro

"A bittersweet comedy that swings between emotion and laughter"
Paris Match

"Annie Cordy is the soul of this film - everybody's grandmother"

"A pleasure"
Le Parisien

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