No Limit - Season 2

No Limit - Saison 2

SERIES 8 x 52' totalizing 14 episodes with all seasons
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation



Directed by

David Morley (S.J.U Special Juvenil Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)

Frédéric Berthe (Kaboul Kitchen, Hollywoo)

Didier Le Pêcheur (The Intern)


Vincent Elbaz (The Hundred-Foot Journey, Would I Lie to You? Good Old Daze)
Tcheky Karyo (Taking Lives, The Core, The Good Thief, The Patriot, Kiss of the Dragon, Joan of Arc, Nikita)
Anne Girouard (No Limit, Kaamelott)
Sarah Brannens



2014 / Original language: French / Color / Mix 5.1 - LtRt / available in hd

After the smashing success of season 1,new episodes are coming up!
Vincent Liberati is back! And as if a tangled family life and an incurable tumor weren't trouble enough, the ultra-secret agent now has to get used to working with Hydra's newest recruit, Bertrand, the latest flame of his ex-wife, Alexandra. Sparks will fly even if the two rivals are supposed to collaborate to bring down a mysterious criminal organization, the Black Hand, run by Franck Koskas, a former Special Forces colonel.


Aired on TF1 in November 2013

Episode 1: Blood Diamonds

Vincent is on the trail of The Black Hand, a diamond smuggling ring. His mission is made all the more urgent by the head of the gang being implicated in the arson attack on Lola's high school, for which poor Arthur has been wrongly accused! For Vincent, the mission involves working on a daily basis with Bertrand, who has become Hydra's money-laundering expert and is about to marry Vincent's ex-wife. The atmosphere at Hydra is electric!

Episode 2: Undercover

To infiltrate the nefarious criminal organization that Hydra is tracking down, and win the trust of Koskas, its boss, Vincent has to steal back from the cops a consignment of smuggled diamonds. Meanwhile, Alex enters the lion's den when she starts to investigate the property company that she blames for the high school arson. And which is owned by Koskas!

Episode 3: The Heist

Working undercover for Koskas's organization, Vincent is given his first assignment: he must carry out a hold-up and a hit, or face being arrested by the police. It is clearly a mandatory test of his loyalty—nobody works for the Black Hand without first getting blood on their hands. Lola, meanwhile, falls for Virgile, an eco-warrior whose activism she admires, much to Arthur's dismay.

Episode 4: Dead or Alive

To avoid his cover being blown, Vincent has to save the sinister Koskas from multiple threats, including Juliette, who is investigating the bank heist. Meanwhile, the gangster is seriously hitting on Alex! And Juliette's hunt for the "masked vigilante" brings her dangerously close to Hydra's big secret...

Episode 5: The Prototype

Vincent must steal a revolutionary drone prototype from the French army to use in the fight against Koskas, who now suspects that Bertrand is a mole and asks Vincent to eliminate him.

Episode 6: High-Risk Wedding

Vincent has 24 hours to foil the threat of a drone equipped with missiles, while agonizing about Alex and Bertrand walking down the aisle! He must also dodge his sister's suspicions that he is the masked vigilante...

Episode 7: Gone Fishing

Just when Vincent thought he could take a break and kick back with the family, duty calls. He must step up against Koskas' devoted right-hand man. Meanwhile, Hydra is under threat as Juliette closes in on the organization's big secret.

Episode 8: Chemical Panic

Abandoned on all sides, hunted down by his sister and the authorities, Vincent has 4 hours to prevent a spectacular attack that is likely to claim the lives of Alex and his daughter...


Available in :


Neutral Spanish

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