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Taxi Brooklyn

Taxi Brooklyn

SERIES 12 x 52'
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation


The New TF1 International series produced by Europacorp Television currently shooting in New York. TF1 Int’l rights: Italy & Spain

Directed by

Olivier Megaton (Taken 2, Colombiana, Transporter 3)


Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy)
Jackie Ido (Inglorious Basterds)
Jennifer Esposito (Spin City, Blue Bloods)
Ally Walker (Profiler)
James Colby (Body Of Proof)


EuropaCorp TV and TF1

2014 / Original language: English / Color / 1.77 / Stereo / available in hd

Caitlyn Sullivan is an investigator at the Brooklyn Police Station. Despite brilliant service, her stubborn character and her recklessness behind the wheel have made her an outcast within the NYPD.
Born in Marseille, Leo Romba is a happy New York Taxi driver full of energy and care for his clients. He also loves driving. Fast. When Caitlyn arrests him after a catastrophic car chase and a bank robbery where he has been involved against his will, they don't know that they are about to form the most improbable and efficient partnership to solve crimes and mysteries around Brooklyn.


Episode 1: Pilot
Dir: Olivier Megaton

After a race through the narrow Brooklyn, Detective Caytlin Sullivan arrests Leo Romba after the robber of a bank jumped in his cab but managed to run away. Leo is a French-African from Marseille working as a taxi driver in NY with experience of driving under pressure that he acquired being a wheelman in France. To avoid going to jail, Leo will have to partner with Cat and investigate on a series of robberies. They will learn from and each other and finally Cat will find someone to talk to while she is working on a personal investigation, after the murder of her father.

Episode 2: Brooklyn Heights
Dir: Olivier Megaton

Sasha Lowenthal, a famous handbag designer, asks Cat to work on the disappearance of her son Ian, an infamous socialite hell-raiser. Cat and Leo investigate and discover Ian dead at the Brooklyn Fish transfer. They after understand that Ian was the only steam cell donor compatible with her mother, diagnosed with cancer, and that his death was a way to indirectly kill Sasha. The thing is that Vanessa, the wife of the other son Mike, was about to divorce and wanted to get half of the inheritance. With the help of the FBI, they finally arrest Vanessa. Leo is arrested by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers, but Mike and Cat promise to help him.

Episode 3: Cherchez les Femmes
Dir: Frédéric Berthe

Cat helps Leo and becomes his sponsor, being now responsible for all and any of Leo’s infractions or problems. Josef Wiesel, one of Leo’s client and friend, was beaten to death and our heroes will have to investigate on it. When they find a bag filled with 10,000$ in cash, they manage to relate Josef to the local mafia family, the Capella. Josef had sold a copy of a Monet’s painting for 5,000,000$ to Luke Capella, the mob boss, who wanted his money back. Finally, our duo manages to save a girl the mafia kidnapped. We learn from the FBI that Annabella, the niece of Luke and Cat’s friend from high school, is the new head of the organization.

Episode 4: Precious Cargo
Dir: Frédéric Berthe

After meeting and flirting with Rhys Richards, a charming English man, Cat goes on a crime scene to find a dead women shot in the chest. She was the foster mother of five children. Tristan, the oldest one, escapes the precinct and goes to see his aunt Laura. A drug dealer, Sami, holds Laura hostage. Leo and Cat arrest Sami. The foster parents were criminals who used the children to sell drugs, and Tristan stole drugs to get money and take all the kids away from there. The foster mother found out and threated the little sister Janie. Tristan killed her to protect his little sister. He is finally acquitted and his aunt offers all his foster siblings to come live with her.
At the same time, Cat receives texts from an informant and asks her boss Captain John Baker to open an investigation on Annabella Capella, whom she believes ordered a hit on her father. Baker refuses and makes Cat put under surveillance.

Episode 5: Ambush
Dir: Alain Tasma

A Department of Correction prisoner van is attacked by two SUVs in Brooklyn, and four women run away. One of them is Eleanor Wilson, a witness to Cat’s father murder. One of the escapees has been found dead, and they link the investigation to a Russian mafia crew lead by Vasily Kell. He’s looking for one of the escapee, Paula Poe, who is a key witness against him. Afraid that Kell will kill Eleanor, Cat goes after her and trade information about her father if she let Eleanor go. She accepts and finds out that a cop drove Cat’s father to the location he was murdered. A courthouse employee working with Kell has to testify against him or will face criminal charges. The Russian mafia boss is arrested. Finally, Cat learned that the undercover agent sending her texts was found dead.

Episode 6: Love hurts
Dir: Alain Tasma

Amanda Pearson, the wife of the Park Slope Stalker, has been murdered. The Park Slope Stalker is the serial killer Cat was made famous by capturing. Despite being incredibly shaken by the seeming re-emergence of the Park Slope Stalker, Cat takes the investigation with Leo. After primarily suspecting the brother of the stalker to be responsible, the former is killed. Leo soon understands that a fan of Cat is responsible for these two murders, and identifies the assistant to district attorney, May Winters, as Cat’s stalker. Saving Cat from May, Leo gets injured and ends at the hospital, but finally makes it.

Episode 7: Black Widow
Dir: David Morley

Three handsome men are found dead in mysterious circumstances made to look like accidents. They were all working as male escorts to older, wealthy women. Leo will be an undercover escort so as to identify the murderess. Jeanette Vandercroix, who had contacted the three dead men, gets in touch with him through the website. The date goes well, and they spend the night together. Bryce, the son of Walter Vandercroix, is aware of his wife lifestyle, and has an affair with his tennis teacher, Clifton. Leo, under surveillance in the safe house, is attacked by an ex-military working for Vandercroix. Walter Vandercroix, a typical American patriot, acknowledges having killed the escorts believing they were foreign spies. Finally, Leo and Cat arrest Bryce, who was fooling his father to arrest his wife’s escorts.

Episode 8: Deadline Brooklyn
Dir: David Morley

Walking in Brooklyn streets, Cat and Leo are asked to check on a dead man in a dumpster, but the man was exposed to some sort of weaponized toxin. His final words are very Apocalyptic, uttering words as clues before he passes out. While all NYPD goes into an emergency protocol for a high terror alert, our duo investigate and meet a Franco-Persian couple, who are the target of another killing with the toxin. Fortunately, Leo manages to save the wife on time before the opens a ceremonial egg with the bomb inside.

Episode 9: Double Identity
Dir: Frédéric Berthe

Fernanda Flores, a typical hard-working maid from San Salvador, is shot in the streets of NY. Cat, Leo and Frankie (Caitlyn’s mother) investigate and discover that Fernanda is actually a former cop from Venezuela who disappeared six month. Cat is being told to drop the case by the CIA. Mc Kinley’s, one of the suspect, is protected by the agency because as a an ex-CIA killer, he knows a lot. Fernanda was trying to find her little brother Bobby that was kidnapped as a child by Mc Kinley. Finally Cat and Leo manage to stop Fernanda from killing Mc Kinley in front of his adopted “son”, and they arrest the ex-CIA agent.
Episode 10: The Longest Night
Dir: Frédéric Berthe

A blackout puts half of Brooklyn down, and Cat arrests Styx, a member of the “Jungle K’s” gang. Trying to escape, Styx shoots two cops, Detective Lester and Detective Collins. Cat discovers it was a planned hit and someone from the precinct gave Styx a gun. During an intense night, some at the precinct get suspected for their hidden backgrounds that we discover. Cat finally finds out that Styx’s goal was to kill Collins (Lester was just a collateral damage). The problem is that at the same time, outside the precinct the other gang members attack the precinct to free their friend! Cat and Leo turn the precinct into a fortress for the longest night of their lives.

Episode 11: Frenchmen can’t jump
Dir: Gérard Krawczyk

A motorcycle messenger was to deliver heroin to Mario Maura, suspected of drug dealing with the mafia family the Capellas, when he got shot by another motorcycle driver. Mario is actually trying to protect his junkie girlfriend, and he was working as a Capella middleman to provide her with heroine. Another messenger found out Mario’s little secret and tried to steal the money. Cat and Leo finally arrest Irene Deline, the boss of the messenger company. Parallel to that police investigation, Leo disputes an amateur basketball tournament but he discovers that his basketball partner is doing business with the mob to cheat on the final game. Finally Cat takes over his place and becomes Leo’s new partner for the final…

Episode 12: Revenge
Dir: Gérard Krawczyk

Leo is super-excited because his son Nico and his ex-wife Aimee are coming to New York. Henri, a mob leader from Marseille who’s seeking revenge against Leo finds out about Aimee and Nico’s trip to NY and decides to use them to kill Leo. He gets them kidnapped at their arrival. At the same time, Cat has to help Gregg who was drugged the night before by his ex-lover Giada Giannini, found dead in his bed in the morning. Luke Cappela, the mob leader who is responsible for the loss of Cat’s father, is also found dead after Annabella Capella planned her uncle's hit to trap Cat. Cat's childhood friend wants revenge from Cat's father who shot her grandpa. Finally, Leo will need Cat's help to save his family from his past but at the same time Cat is the principal suspect of Cappela’s death and has to convince Baker of her innocence. She manages to find Annabella but just when she’s about to do so, a bomb explodes in a ferry where her mum is supposed to be…

To be continued in Season 2


“Very charismatic heroes in plots with powerful suspense.” Télé 2 Semaines

“A delectable mix of action and suspense, served by a first-class cast.” Télé Loisirs

“Heroes as charismatic as they come, in plots with powerful suspense and a sprinkle of humor.” Télé Loisirs

“The duo really works great.” Télé Magazine

“The Chyler Leigh-Jacky Ido duo creates some enjoyably fresh moments and funny situations.” Télé Z


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