The Breakers

Les déferlantes



Secrets always return with the crash of the breakers

Directed by

Eléonore Faucher (A Common Thread, Critics Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Festival 2004)


Sylvie Testud (Tamara, La Vie en Rose, The Visitors: Bastille Day, French Women, Fear and Trembling)
Bruno Todeschini (Delicacy)
Daniel Duval (Spiral, Mafiosa, Headwins)


Ex Nihilo

2013 / Original language: French / Color / 1.85 / available in hd

Holed up in a small Normandy town, Louise hides from her ghosts as she looks after grumpy old Theo, the retired lighthouse keeper who shares her passion for ornithology.
As she wanders the twisted shores, observing birds and people alike, Louise also keeps track of old Florelle, another broken soul who searches the beaches, seemingly waiting for the crashing waves to return something to her. Observing the locals’ reactions to Lambert’s return, the heir of a family lost at sea, Louise is intrigued by his past but, at the same time, attracted to him. As their relationship deepens, they start to unravel the web of secrets that have haunted the small village for decades. Together, they struggle to uncover the truth that could set them both free.


Adapted from the international best-seller by Claudie Gallay, translated into 12 languages 2009 Reader’s Grand Prize – Elle


Festival Tous Ecrans (2013)
Official Selection

La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival 2013
Out of Competiton


“A gem of a book which cracks like a whip, slaps you in the face and ultimately explodes, leaving you stunned and blissful” François Busnel, L’Express

“Oddly intriguing” The Guardian

"It’s impossible to move past this tender, yet harsh novel. A bewitching tale, like the ebb and flow of the sea, purifying and chastising, where everything begins and everything ends" Madame Figaro

"Claudie Galley never gives in to easy emotion. She strives for the right rhythm through a tone of violence, silences and taboos shattering entire lives. With this new novel, Claudie Galley establishes her talent."

"As one starts to read, one becomes utterly hypnotized by the simple, grandiose style, the murky, ambiguous characters, the unsettling yet charming story. You’ve been warned: you cannot miss this novel." L’Express


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