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Campers in Paradise 20 to 38

Camping Paradis - Épisodes 20 à 38

SERIES 19 x 90' in a series totalizing 38 episodes


Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!

Directed by



Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Princess Erika
Thierry Heckendorn
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),
GĂ©raldine Lapalus
Patrick Guérineau


JLA Productions with the participation of TF1, RTL-TVI and TSR

2013 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

When he takes over the family campsite after his parents' death, Tom has no idea what to expect.
On the alert for undercover tour guide inspectors, trying to identify a baby’s father or dealing with a man who claims to be the co-owner of the site, Tom has to make sure the campers enjoy their vacations. And his staff — Rosy at reception, Xavier at the bar, Amandine in water sports and André in maintenance- are not always a great help.
Stop by the Paradise Camping Grounds, you'll have a lot of fun and a memorable stay!


Episode 20: Clash of the Titans
Ratings: 6.3 million of viewers (15/10/2012) – 23.9% on ind. 4+

Jean-Paul Véron, Tom’s former pastry chef, arrives at Paradise Campground to
teach his craft to the campers. But he’s also got an ulterior motive, an idea that might trigger some unpleasantness from his son Cedric, whose hope has always been to eventually take over the family’s pastry business… Meanwhile, Marion is in for a surprise when her recently widowed father turns up, accompanied by a gorgeous, buxom woman, twenty years his junior…

Episode 21: Prince of Paradise
Ratings: 6.9 million of viewers (24/09/2012) – 25.4% on ind. 4+

Tom hires a new intern to lend the campground crew a hand . But Tom is unaware that this intern is actually Alexander III, heir to a wealthy Hindi family. The young man has come to the campground incognito, in hopes of being treated like a normal person, at long last. And above all, he intends to seduce the lovely Alice. Meanwhile, François falls back in love with Rosalie, the woman he divorced three years ago. An episode bearing the mark of Cupid’s arrow…

Episode 22: Fashion Week at the Paradise
Ratings: 5.9 million of viewers (14/01/2013) – 22.2% on ind. 4+

Young and talented fashion designer Murielle, dreams of opening a boutique where she could sell her creations. But when her loan application is once again rejected, Tom decides to give her a chance and offers to organize her very own fashion show, right here at Paradise Campground. That’s when Amandine’s mother shows up unexpectedly. Certain that her mom will once again intrude on her life, Amandine leads her to believe that she is dating Xavier. A white lie that is likely to spread like wildfire among the crewmembers…

Episode 23: Indiana Camping
Ratings: 5.8 million of viewers (25/03/2013) – 21.5% on ind. 4+

The entire campground is running amuck. Famous archeologist Alain Marchand is here on a treasure hunt, searching for the booty of a Seventeenth Century pirate. But an unexpected visit by a lady inspector gets in the way of his search, especially when it appears this person may have some ulterior motives. Between the gold madness that sweeps the campground and Alain’s personal issues, Tom’s plate is beyond full. None of this is made any simpler by the arrival of two of Xavier’s best friends…

Episode 24: Western Camping
Ratings: 6.03 million of viewers (18/02/2013) – 22.7% on ind. 4+

This week, Tom welcomes his friend Patrick, who has come to the Campground to host a series of Western-themed games, and celebrate the launch of his company’s new board game. But Patrick had not anticipated that his new boss would turn up to evaluate his sales pitch. Or that said boss would be half his age! Faced with a generation war, Tom is in for more surprises when Hervé suddenly shows up, without Jean-Pi for the first time…

Episode 25: Starry Night
Ratings: 6.54 million of viewers (27/05/2013) – 24% on ind 4+

On this night full of shooting stars at Paradise Camping Grounds, all your wishes can come true! Or so it seems according to Franck, a divorced father who shows up hoping to spend time with his children after having lost custody of them. To trick their vigilant grandfather, who has brought them to the camp, he disguises himself as an old woman and moves into the bungalow right across from them. Tom soon figures out the ruse, but touched by Franck’s despair, agrees to keep the secret. Things go awry when Franck’s ex-wife shows up unexpectedly.
Meanwhile, a couple deals with the discovery of their daughter’s secret vow to become a woman before vacation’s end. First time or last chance: make your wish at Paradise Camping Grounds.

Episode 26: Circus Camp
Ratings: 6.02 million of viewers (14/10/2013) – 23% on ind 4+

Zanetti Circus comes to Paradise Camping Grounds, to the great delight of the campers, as well as the team, who are excited about participating in the show. But Tom soon discovers the circus has been in difficulty since Marius got hurt doing his number with wildcats. While a competitor is hanging about and scheming to get his hands on the circus, Marius’ daughter Alice shows up unexpectedly, fiercely determined to become a tamer in defiance of her father, who thinks she is still a student.
Meanwhile, two couples who are friends meet up to spend summer vacation together like they do every year. Only this year, one of the couples is having problems. Their best friends decide to help them save their relationship, but their method is a bit clumsy - to say the least.

Episode 27: My Best Friend
Ratings: 6.05 million of viewers (07/10/2013) – 23.4% on ind 4+

While the campgrounds are abuzz getting ready for the Best Camper contest, Tom and his team impatiently await the arrival of their new recruit, who still hasn’t come. Like every year, longtime friends and eternal bachelors Alex and Fred meet up at Paradise Camping Grounds. This time, however, their vacation promises to be full of surprises. While Alex is preparing to reveal his true feelings for his best friend, Fred pulls the rug out from under his feet by introducing him to Alicia, a charming woman from Quebec who he hopes to marry. A cold shower for Alex. Their precious friendship teeters on the brink of explosion.

Episode 28: Dance Camp
Ratings: 6.29 million of viewers (11/11/2013) – 22.5% on ind 4+

Anna Lavezzi’s prestigious dancing troupe comes to the campgrounds. Their difficult choreographer is none other than Andre’s younger sister! While Tom manages to get the young women moved in according to Anna’s military-style instructions, he soon discovers that a young girl who claims to be a huge fan of the troupe and practices all day long in the bungalow she has rented for herself alone, is hiding much more than just a strong desire to become a dancer.
Meanwhile, a world-weary novelist who has run out of inspiration accepts an assignment to write a scathing article about life at the campgrounds. But an unexpected encounter that turns his vision of the camp upside down just may turn his life around as well.

Episode 29: Musical Camping
Ratings: 5.76 million of viewers (06/01/2014) – 31.3% on ind 4+

Paradise Camping Grounds goes British for the occasion of a France-U.K. twin city partnership organized by the city of Martigues. For entertainment, the team awaits the arrival of a youth choir to interpret the French national anthem, but ends up welcoming a gang of hyperactive teenagers – exactly the opposite of what they had expected.
Tom’s stress level is at an all-time high; the mayor has placed all her hopes for the celebration’s success in Tom. Meanwhile, a timid, chubby young girl arrives with her parents. Her cowardly father never lets her out of his sight, for fear the others will make fun of her. Her mother, more determined, deliberately chose vacation at the camping grounds in order to free her daughter from this patriarchal yoke, and to make her husband come face to face with people and with life.

Episode 30: Heart to Heart
Ratings: 5.76 million of viewers (17/03/2014) – 22.8% on ind 4+

The famous game show “Heart to Heart” sets up camp at Paradise Camping Grounds. Star host Philippe Marty acts rather nasty, even more so when his worst enemy shows up at the camp to make an offer to his faithful assistant - who is none other than his wife – to host her own new show. Will Tom and his team manage to help Philippe to regain confidence in himself and win back his wife?
Meanwhile, Jeanne’s daughter Prune gets it in her head to find a new husband for her mother. The uninhibited young lady has chosen her target: Paul. But Jeanne and Paul have already met before! Unfortunately for Jeanne, not in the best of circumstances.

Episode 31: Twelve Camping Jobs
Ratings: 6.05 million of viewers (24/03/2014) – 23.4% on ind 4+

A horde of construction trucks show up on the camping grounds. Heading them up is Agnes, who is determined to drive her father out of the house he is living in next door. Meanwhile, two very different twins decide to switch places for a day.

Episode 32: Marriage in-tent
Ratings: 6.82 million of viewers (08/12/2014) – 25.6% on ind 4+

As Tom and the team at Paradise Camping Grounds get busy preparing for the Miss Camping Contest, Lola, a young regular who hasn’t come back since her difficult break-up while on holiday at the camp several years back, shows up to celebrate her bachelorette party. Except that Fred, her first love, is standing right there in front of her - an unexpected twist that throws Lola into doubt just a few days before her marriage. Meanwhile, Philippe and Agnes are finally having their first vacation without the kids, but they don’t seem to share the same vision. She was expecting a romantic trip for two, but all he wants to do is have fun.

Episode 33: Camp Eclipse

As the campground prepares to witness a solar eclipse, Tom’s thirty-something buddies show up for their yearly get-together on August 15. But this summer, the couple everyone envies, Claire and Olivier, have an announcement to make to the whole gang. It’s obvious to everyone that it’s not very good news. Actually, they’ve just broken up. One of the other couples takes on the challenge of planning Olivier’s strategy to win back his wife, but the announcement and the reasons behind the sudden separation have repercussions upon their own relationship. “How about you? Have you ever cheated on me? And how would you react if I did?” Questions that only open the door to uncertainties - and huge arguments. As general chaos ensues, Tom has to face the consequences of his “slip” with Aurelie at the last camp party.

Episode 34: A Coach in Paradise
Ratings: 6.45 million of viewers (15/12/2014) – 24.5% on ind 4+

This week, it’s all about taking it easy and relaxing at Paradise Camping Grounds, as Aurelie’s sister Cecile sets up a spa at the camp. A new mother of a four-month old boy, Cecile’s got the baby blues – and a husband so busy playing super-daddy, she’s totally left out. Simon, a slightly macho life and dating coach, unexpectedly turns up to try to win back his ex-wife Severine, there with their two children. But because of a new contract he absolutely can’t get out of, he shows up with his client Denis, who is ultra-timid and extremely clumsy.

Episode 35: The Ideal Stepson
Ratings: 6.01 million of viewers (05/01/2015) – 22.7% on ind 4+

Tom and the team are delighted to welcome Julie’s Food Truck to Paradise Camping Grounds for thematic activities on world cuisine. But the arrival sparks jealousy in Amandine when she discovers that Julie, who is none other than Xavier’s ex-girlfriend, has ulterior motives. Emma, a beautiful medical student who lives 500 km away from her parents, is three months pregnant. She shows up at the campground, where her parents are staying, to break the news to them and introduce them to her fiancé Raphael, father of the child. Though Emma’s mother welcomes him with open arms, her father Patrice, a traditional patriarch, seems to be giving him the cold shoulder.

Episode 36: Camp Carnival
Ratings: 6.51 million of viewers (12/01/2015) – 24.5% on ind 4+

For the upcoming Carnival celebration in Martigues, Tom is counting on the help of his faithful friend Michel and his two sons to construct the Paradise Camping float for the parade. The eldest brother Vincent turns up alone and completely confused, having met a charming young woman in the shuttle from the train station and fallen instantly in love with her. The suprises begin when he discovers the beautiful Elise is his little brother’s new girlfriend. Meanwhile Daniel, a young divorced father more preoccupied with work than his son Maxime, whom he’s never really taken care of, brings his son to the campground for a week of vacation. A chance for them to mend ties that have been broken for several years.

Episode 37: The Seminar
Ratings: 6.46 million of viewers (19/01/2015) – 24.4% on ind 4+

When Martin Dumont, No. 2 of a beach game company, shows up with his sales team to hold a business seminar at Paradise Camping Grounds, he is surprised to be welcomed by Delphine, a former fling who has been secretly dispatched to do personnel evaluation in preparation for future layoffs in his department. Meanwhile, Amandine has to manage the surprise arrival of her elder sister, the ever-perfect Anne-Sophie, with whom she avoids arguments by never spending more than a day together. But behind appearances, Anne-Sophie is in the middle of a separation - and an emotional breakdown.

Episode 38: Our Lovely In-Laws
Ratings: 6.46 million of viewers (06/04/2015) – 22.8% on ind 4+

For the last week of the season, Paradise Camping Grounds has dressed itself up in the style of 1001 Arabian Nights. Into this magical, voluptuous atmosphere walk Sabrina with her two daughters and Guillaume with his children. The two have been together for six months without breaking the news to their respective clans. The new family bunch meets with more than just a few difficulties learning to live together. Meanwhile, when the line in front of the welcome desk scatters, Tom discovers Jeanne, an old lady on a bench who looks completely disoriented. But Jeanne has more than just one trick up her sleeve. She hasn't come to the campground by accident. She's looking for Jean, the love of her youth, who made a date with her at Paradise Camping Grounds when they met there some 40 years ago.


Up to 9.1 million viewers on TF1 prime-time.

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