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No Limit - Season 1

No Limit - Saison 1

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 6 episodes
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation


The first TV series created by Luc Besson Sold into 70 territories

Directed by

Julien Despaux

David Morley (S.J.U Special Juvenil Unit, No Limit Season 2, Mutants)

Didier Le PĂŞcheur (The Intern)

Frédéric Berthe (Kaboul Kitchen, Hollywoo)


Vincent Elbaz (The Hundred-Foot Journey, Would I Lie to You? Good Old Daze)
Anne Girouard (No Limit, Kaamelott)
Sarah Brannens
Martine Dugowson
Tcheky Karyo (Taking Lives, The Core, The Good Thief, The Patriot, Kiss of the Dragon, Joan of Arc, Nikita)


Europacorp Television

2013 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

A potentially fatal brain tumor forces Vincent Liberatti to abandon the glamour of a globetrotting secret agent's life and return to Marseille to be close to his teen daughter Lola and ex-wife Alexandra. In order to receive an experimental medical treatment, Vincent agrees to join Hydra, a confidential organization set up by secret services to fight organized crime on the French Riviera with illegal means. As if it was not enough, Vincent still isn't over Alexandra and is still trying to figure out Lola. It's a superhuman task, but wisecracking, quick-witted, all-action hero Vincent Liberatti is the man for the job.


Episode 1
Vincent Liberatti, French counterintelligence's best agent, is on a mission in Africa when he finds out that he has a brain tumor. He decides to leave the secret services and live out his final months in Marseille, near his daughter Lola, whom he allowed to grow up for too long without being there, and his ex-wife Alexandra, who is about to start a new life with a brilliant local attorney. Without telling them about his illness, Vincent tries to spend as much time with them as possible, while maintaining contact with his former handlers, who offer him top-secret missions in return for an experimental treatment for his tumor.
Vincent's first assignment is to collar a major drug trafficker, who has constantly outwitted the conventional police force. The services put all the resources of a shady new network codenamed Hydra at Vincent's disposal, but he must succeed without arousing the suspicions of his sister Juliette, a young police captain who has recently been posted to the region to solve a murder in which the trafficker is implicated. A complicated investigation lies ahead for our hero, trying to navigate a course between his sister, his ex and his daughter...

Episode 2
As Juliette rapidly closes in on them, the drug traffickers resort to abducting her to stop her investigation. Vincent is on the point of taking down the big boss, but quickly has to change his plans. Not only does he have to catch them in the act for the authorities' benefit, he also has to free his sister from the gangsters' secret hideout. Despite the symptoms of his sickness reappearing at the worst possible moment, Vincent accomplishes his near-impossible mission...

Episode 3
Vincent's next assignment is to infiltrate an arms trafficking network to unmask the mysterious boss, who has escaped all the police's attempts to capture him. At the same time, Juliette is investigating the murder of man who died in a hail of Kalashnikov bullets. Unwittingly, she finds herself impinging on her brother's mission.
Vincent decides to make the most of the situation and piggybacks Juliette's investigation until she identifies her target. He also receives significant help from Marie, a provocatively beautiful call girl who works for Hydra and whose regular appearances in our hero's life cannot fail to arouse the jealousy of Alexandra, Vincent's ex...

Episode 4
Juliette zealously moves her investigation forward by arresting intermediaries that Vincent planned to use as pawns in his mission. Even worse, she arrests Marie, which forces Vincent to organize a risky escape operation in his sister's police station. At the same time, Hydra makes a big push to smoke out the boss of the arms trafficking gang by springing a major rival from jail. Vincent once more finds himself torn between the dangers of his mission and the complications provided by the women in his life, especially as Alexandra seems to be having doubts about her upcoming marriage and considering the possibility of starting over with Vincent...

Episode 5
Working undercover on Marseille's docks, Vincent is trying to dismantle a human-trafficking operation that smuggles people into the port in containers. He is nearly unmasked by a dockworker and accidentally kills the man after a frenzied pursuit. Unaware of her brother's involvement, Juliette is assigned to the case of the dockworker's death, while Hydra piles the pressure on Vincent to take down the gang before his identity is revealed. At the same time, his personal life is further complicated by his improving relationship with Alexandra and the discovery that his disease is incurable. Vincent won't allow himself to make false promises to the woman he loves...

Episode 6
Just when Juliette discovers that Vincent is almost certainly responsible for the dockworker's death, Lola is kidnapped by Olga Sverdenko, the head of the gang that Vincent is gunning for. Vincent refuses to give up and goes on the run to rescue his daughter without telling anyone. But as he gets closer to Sverdenko, the symptoms of his disease get worse...


Episode 1
Vincent is on the trail of The Black Hand, a diamond smuggling ring. His mission is made all the more urgent by the head of the gang being implicated in the arson attack on Lola's high school, for which poor Arthur has been wrongly accused! For Vincent, the mission involves working on a daily basis with Bertrand, who has become Hydra's money-laundering expert and is about to marry Vincent's ex-wife. The atmosphere at Hydra is electric!

Episode 2
To infiltrate the nefarious criminal organization that Hydra is tracking down, and win the trust of Koskas, its boss, Vincent has to steal back from the cops a consignment of smuggled diamonds. Meanwhile, Alex enters the lion's den when she starts to investigate the property company that she blames for the high school arson. And which is owned by Koskas!

Episode 3
Working undercover for Koskas's organization, Vincent is given his first assignment: he must carry out a hold-up and a hit, or face being arrested by the police. It is clearly a mandatory test of his loyalty—nobody works for the Black Hand without first getting blood on their hands. Lola, meanwhile, falls for Virgile, an eco-warrior whose activism she admires, much to Arthur's dismay.

Episode 4
To avoid his cover being blown, Vincent has to save the sinister Koskas from multiple threats, including Juliette, who is investigating the bank heist. Meanwhile, the gangster is seriously hitting on Alex! And Juliette's hunt for the "masked vigilante" brings her dangerously close to Hydra's big secret...


An average of 6.7 million viewers per episode

Average market share: 28.1% (viewers of 4+)

Special appeal to young Men 15-24: 36.3% (+6 pts. above the Thursday block)

Extra performance on: The Shoppers Group: 34,9%(+8,9 pts.)


“The feel of Taxi, with accents of Nikita and a dash of Yamakasi. It goes without saying that NO LIMIT, producer Luc Besson’s first ever TV series, will not feel foreign to those enamored with the French director’s films.”

“The adventures of a French-style James Bond, perfectly played by the remarkable Vincent Elbaz.”

“NO LIMIT makes other action series seem utterly lame. Its stunts and combat sequences are second to none. “

“Suspense, stunts and adrenalin, all steeped in a healthy dose of humor.”

“Vincent Elbaz and Luc Besson, a winning duo.”

“A miracle, both in writing and directing. Full-on cinema.”


Available in :


Neutral Spanish

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