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A Case For A Woman

Le juge est une femme

SERIES 8 x 96'


Directed by

Serge Leroy


Florence Pernel (The Conquest, A Mother's Fight, A Case for a Woman)
Anthony Delon


Ego Productions - Banco Productions - Tf1 SA

2001 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Intelligence, passion, integrity, dedication... Florence Larrieu has them all. Florence Larrieu is not your conventional judge. For her, justice is not only a duty but a passion. Her methods: a mixture of charm and experience, vulnerability and determination, timidity, sensuality and firmness. Fiercely independent in her profession, Florence Larrieu is no less so in her private life. But there is a man in her life: Colas, a young policeman who pretends to be indifferent to her personal charms but who would go to the end of the earth for his "boss."

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