B&B Cook

Week-end chez les toquées

SERIES 5 x 96'

Welcome to “The Blue Eyed Frog”, a guesthouse where Fanny and Lili provide peace, lots of laughs and gourmet cuisine!

Directed by

Laurence Katrian (R.I.S, Chasing Love)

Emmanuel Jeaugey


Ingrid Chauvin (Two Many Cooks, White Hands, The Mole, Dolmen, Ladies of the Law)
Annie Gregorio (Teen Mom, The Avignon Prophecy, The Poisoner)


Ladyboys Films with the participation of TF1

2012 / Original language: French / Color / stereo / available in hd

Fanny, a strong-willed and fanciful gourmet chef, teams up with Lili, a generous mom brimming with common sense. These two spirited and contrasting personalities pour all their talent into a charming Provence guesthouse, where folks come to relax in a gorgeous, sunlit setting, and enjoy fine cuisine.
The "Blue-Eyed Frog" is an establishment where guests are welcome behind the scenes, and in Fanny's kitchen, they can get a unique look at the art of her divine Mediterranean cooking. All it takes is a weekend for Fanny and Lili to resolve sticky situations and get even the most stressed-out clients to unwind.
And the supporting staff is always on hand, to sprinkle dashes of comedy into this sun-drenched series.


Episode 1: A FAMILY WEEKEND (Week end en famille)
A young couple comes to “The Blue-eyed Frog,” Fanny and Lili’s upscale gourmet B&B, to introduce their parents to one another and meet with bad luck. The snobby surgeon from Lyon shows up and crashes his car into the grouchy fisherman’s... looks like a rocky weekend in store!

Episode 2: MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY (Mon coeur est Ă  papa)
Fanny and Lili have another eventful weekend up ahead! Gregory lies to the young woman he loves to protect his daughter. Clarisse, an author of detective novels, is having writer’s block!

Episode 3: THE ART OF ESCAPE (L'art de la fuite)
Sixty-something Bertrand, who has sold everything he owns to travel around the world by boat with his future wife Emma, spends a weekend at “The Blue-eyed Frog” to announce the news to his children, Caro and Ludo. But nothing goes as planned. In the same day, he learns he is going to be a father and a grandfather! A sensitive situation for Lily and Fanny to manage. With the surprise arrival of Tony’s twin brother and Alex running away as well, they’ve got their work cut out for them!

Episode 4: A STORK AT THE FROG (Une cigogne Ă  la grenouille)
Fanny and Lili find a baby at the B&B, left there by the father... but who could that be? Zach, a client who has come for the weekend to prepare for his wedding in a “special” sort of way? Unless it’s Pierrot or Tony... or the priest? It’s an emotionally charged weekend, not least of all considering that Fanny has to face Alfred, a famous gourmet dog spoiled by his owner and adored by the press!

Episode 5: THE SCENT OF FREEDOMA(Un parfum de liberté)
This weekend, “The Blue-eyed Frog” is quarantined! A strange epidemic that puts almost everyone at risk causes an overly cautious doctor to isolate the B&B, which keeps guests from going out, even for food. Fanny has to manage the explosive meeting between her boyfriend Samuel and her mother Mado. Cohabitation proves to be just as disastrous between famous designer Kim de Grantes and perfumers Claudia and Paul, who are obsessed with the idea of selling him their creations.


More than 6.1 million viewers on TF1 prime-time.


“A enjoyable comedy”
Télé Magazine

“A entertaining break”
Télé Loisirs

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