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Elite Squad - Season 2

Flics - Saison 2

MINI SERIES 4 x 52' in a series totalizing 8 episodes


A riveting, series, best series at the La Rochelle Fiction Festival and at the Crystal Globes 2012
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Directed by

Thierry Petit (Julie Lescaut, Justice Street, C.I.D)


Frédéric Diefenthal (The Perfect Son-in-Law, Elite Squad, Taxi 1 to 4, Clara Sheller)
Yann Sundberg (Elite Squad, Lost Signs),
Catherine Marchal (MR 73, Elite Squad)
Olivier Marchal (36th Precinct, Braquo, Elite Squad)


GMT Productions

2011 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

In season 2, Yach, the tough cop with unorthodox methods, is released from prison; Constantine, his complete opposite, cerebral and disciplined, is now head of the Criminal Investigations Division; ambitious Lea now works a high-powered position at police Headquarters. The three of them will team up again, as they engage into a brutal war against a pitiless mobster, who plans to pull off the heist of a lifetime. “Elite squad” is an uncompromising look at the hidden face of law enforcement, through professionals caught up in a spiral of violence.


Episode 1: RELEASED
Two years have passed since Oriou's death. If Constantine has gone unpunished, it's thanks to Yach, who took the fall for the carnage. A way of paying off his debt. Having served his time, Yach is released from prison on parole. Constantine is nervous. He knows he owes him. Despite the heavy past they share, Constantine extends a helping hand, but Yach has put his former life behind him. While Constantine keeps an eye on his old friend from afar, he investigates mafia heavyweight Dominique Battaglia. On other fronts, Yach moves in with his friend Breuniere. He soon finds out his bitter, disillusioned old buddy has definitely crossed the line and has been lending a hand to criminals. But before Yach can get him to explain, Breuniere is murdered - right before his eyes.

In the wake of Breuniere's death, Yach is alone and hits bottom. Ready to do anything to find his buddy's murderers, he approaches Battaglia, for whom Breuniere did little favors, and starts working with his criminal network. A dangerous cover up, for Yach is actually leaking information to Constantine in secret, without the department's approval. Yach tips him off on a big hold-up being planned. This allows Constantine and his team to set up a trap for Battaglia's gang, but he warns Yach that if he crosses the line, he won't be able to cover for him. On the other side, Yach has to prove his loyalty to the gang to win Battaglia's trust. As plans turn to action and things get chaotic, the moment of truth arrives and Yach must choose sides.

After the failed operation which cost the life of a colleague, Constantine is put on the hot seat. Sent to the sidelines, Constantine has to team up with another group of the department. He also has to make sure Yach's cover-up is kept a secret as the failure of the big hold-up has already raised suspicion among Battaglia and his men. There is talk about a possible snitch in the gang. Battaglia can't afford a leak. He has revealed only to his most intimate circle his plans for his son Damien's prison break during transfer to Prison Health Services. Yach has to keep a low profile and try find out who the traitor in the department is before he himself is unmasked. What he doesn't know is that it isn't a cop. It's someone higher up on the ladder...

While Constantine tries to get around the roadblocks of his superiors, the traitor in the department blows Yach's cover. Following his every move, Battaglia sends him a violent warning, but strangely enough, lets him live. Yach has betrayed his trust, but Battaglia needs him -and all the former cops he knows- for one last mission. Behind his back though, Battaglia is clear: as soon as Yach fulfills his request, he is to be eliminated. Meanwhile, Lea Legrand is floored when she finds out who the traitor in the department is. It's a race against the clock to save the lives of Yach and Constantine. They are the only ones who can stop Battaglia.


La Rochelle Fiction TV Festival 2011
Best Series

Crystal Globes 2012
Best TV Movie / TV Series


“A series created by Olivier Marchal, who was a real cop. An extremely realistic story.”

“Impeccable cast with a load of rugged faces, polished writing, directing that oscillates between sensitive and classy. Elite Squad deserves the award for Best Series of the Year that it won at the Fiction TV Festival in La Rochelle.”
Télé 7 Jours

“This series has a wider audience than Braquo. Endearing characters and really addictive plotlines. We want more!”
“Elite Squad still captivates with its quality: sophisticated lighting, realistic sets, believable characters. Early fans won’t be disappointed.”
Télé 2 Semaines

“A French series that packs a punch.”

“A plotline tight as a wire. A succession of hot pursuits, betrayals and explosive exchanges. Efficient.”

“Real suspense carried by impeccable actors.”
“A dark world worthy of the greatest in crime drama.”
Télé Loisirs

“Relentlessly paced... a clever hybrid of action and emotion.”
“A powerful cop series.”
Télé Poche

“A captivating second season – with the bonus of series creator Olivier Marchal’s participation as gang leader. Truly exceptional.”
TV Grandes Chaînes

“This series will please those who love Olivier Marchal’s dark, direct and incredibly effective world.”
Télé Cable Sat

“A good script, effective directing, great actors... an excellent series.”
Télé Magazine

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