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Red Caps

Red Caps

SERIES 13 x 26'
Animation / Comedy / Action/Adventure


An action-packed and fun series about Santa's Elves and their adventures to protect children around the world. Their motto: Make it snappy!
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Based on an idea by Mikael Wahlforss

Directed by

Igor Bertolucci


An Epidem ZOT / Cartoon One

2011 / Original language: English / Color

The Red Caps are a courageous and imaginative crew of elves, members of Santa's special squad. Thanks to their magic stars which give them special powers, they protect children from all over the world, help each of them discover his or her unique talent and teach them how to take care of our planet.
When Santa's Magic Crystal, which enables him to deliver his Christmas presents, is broken into 26 fragments scattered around the world, the Red Caps must get them back, with the help of kids everywhere, and defeat Santa's evil twin, the bitter and dangerous Basil!
An action-packed adventure around the world supported by UNICEF and brimming with suspense, gadgets, thrills and above all, boundless fun.
And look out for the RED CAPS character in the exciting SANTA’S MAGIC CRYSTAL feature film in stereoscopic 3D!

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