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Profiling - Season 3

Profilage - Saison 3

SERIES 12 x 52' in a series totalizing 30 episodes
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation


When an intuitive profiler teams up with a tough homicide cop. A suspenseful and fast-paced series, based on actual criminal cases
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Directed by

Alexandre Laurent (The Mantis, "Le secret d'Elise" remake of The Oaks/Marchlands)


Odile Vuillemin (Profiling)
Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)


Stéphane Marsil (Sarah’s Key, Arsene Lupin, Payoff 1 & 2) - Beaubourg Audiovisuel

2011 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Chloe Saint-Laurent is a police profiler for the homicide division.
She is called upon to help solve the most puzzling cases, as her exceptional sensitivity enables her to read the minds of killers and victims alike.
In the first two seasons, she teamed up with Detective Matthew Perac, one of the finest cops in Paris, a man of action with solid methods and firm convictions. Even if they were exact opposites, they formed a highly charged yet formidable team, in the hunt for criminals.
In the third season, after Matthew's tragic death, Chloe must work with Detective Rocher, a hard-nosed cop with a cranky disposition and no time for small talk.


Episode 1 of the 3rd season: The missing link
After the tragic death of her partner Matthew Perac, police profiler Chloe Saint-Laurent has taken a leave of absence to try and make sense of it all, and has basically vanished from the scene. Meanwhile, Perac’s position has been filled by Rocher, a brilliant, no-nonsense cop with a cranky disposition.
Just as he and his team finish solving a very tough case, they are greeted by a new situation that shocks even the most hardened among them. Rocher knows he needs the help of the best profiler in the country. But of course, he must first locate her and talk her into coming back...

Episode 2: At your service
Camille, a young woman from a modest background, is found dead. A former law student with a brilliant future in store, she had thrown it all away to become a housemaid for the wealthy Marchand family. The investigation reveals that its patriarch, local politician Bertrand Marchand, gave quite a bit of money to a fortune teller… who was actually in cahoots with Camille! How did this upright young woman get involved in a scam and what exactly got her killed?

Episode 3: The most beautiful day of her life
A woman is stabbed on her wedding day. She falls into a coma and is rushed to the hospital. The method reminds Chloe of something – with reason. It turns out the victim is engaged to Simon Andrieux, out of prison after being condemned to an eight-year sentence for having stabbed his last fiancé the same way, the day before their wedding.
Chloe is confronted with her own faulty judgment: it was her psychological evaluation that allowed Simon Andrieux to get out of jail early.

Episode 4: Relentless (Sans relâche)
Dimitri Saillan, a young man with no known priors, is found shot to death at the edge of a cemetery in Paris. Chloe and Rocher soon discover that he had been traumatized by the assassination of his sister, and disguised as a police officer, had taken the law into his own hands. Obsessed by what he saw as his mission, Dmitri spent days and nights investigating, in parallel with the police, a rape case he had witnessed. How far did the search of this inexperienced renegade go? Could a young man with no police experience have actually succeeded in getting his hands on the rapist?

Episode 5: Big sister (Grande soeur)
The bodies of two women are found on the banks of the Seine. One is a readily recognizable journalist, the other is impossible to identify. What links the two victims? The subject of the mysterious article the journalist was investigating? Why is it so difficult to determine the identity of the second victim? Could she herself have tried to erase her past? Chloe and Rocher take over the reporter’s investigation and discover the consequences of a tragic family drama.

Episode 6: Life without you (Ma vie sans toi)
Chloe and Rocher discover the corpse of Francois Renier, a man declared dead 10 years ago! The team finds out that this family man, suffering from huge debts, had staged his own death for the insurance money, to save his family from poverty.
How did those close to Francois, who thought he had been dead for years, react to him reappearing like a ghost? And above all, why did he feel the need to come back into the life of a family he was forced to abandon?

Episode 7: D'entre les morts
Adrien Keller, a respected reporter who survived two years of captivity in a FARC camp in Columbia, is assassinated just before he was slated to give a press conference to launch his book about his escape. The investigation turns out to be a complicated matter, especially for Chloe, who also has to find a way to announce her pregnancy to the father of her child.

Episode 8: What price freedom (Le prix de la liberté)
Contemporary art photographer Jeanne Krakowski is found murdered in her loft. Her dazzling success had apparently led her to turn her back on her husband and little seven-year old girl. Meanwhile, Rocher, determined to catch the reckless driver who killed his wife, has to face a new obstacle...

Episode 9: Ghosts (Fantômes)
Fred and Hyppolite break down as they are coming home from a party in the middle of the night, during a violent storm. In a large, isolated house, they find the lifeless body of a 35-year-old architect.
Meanwhile, determined to bring to justice the reckless driver responsible for his wife’s death, Rocher is subject to the increasingly vicious intimidations of his lawyer Barbara Cluzel. Not least of which entails an investigation by the family court to determine if he is fit to be awarded custody of his son Lucas.
Chloe, who is now in the second trimester of her pregnancy, resolves to keep her baby a secret from the father, Judge Hoffman.

Episode 10: Captive
A 24-year old waiter is found blindfolded and slashed with multiple knife wounds.
For Chloe, the absence of a motive, the violence of the crime and the macabre theatrics all indicate a dangerous madman in crisis. The team succeeds in identifying Marc Genaro, a paranoid schizophrenic who had suddenly stopped treatment.
Chloe goes back to work after her miscarriage. Too early according to Rocher, who is worried about her, and rightly so. Chloe is on edge. The investigation disturbs her more than it should.
When Marc Genaro’s arrest turns into a bloodbath, Chloe breaks down and decides to check herself into the hospital.

Episode 11: Irreproachable 1/2
The lifeless body of Laure Brevin, hard-hitting commissioner of the Banditry Repression Brigade, is found in her decimated apartment. Brevin and her team had been working for two years to break up a multinational European child trafficking ring. Mafia retaliation? The investigation takes a new turn when Chloe discovers a member of the team was on an intimate basis with the commissioner.

Episode 12: Irreproachable 2/2
In the wake of a horrible car accident caused by the number one suspect of their investigation, Chloe falls into a coma. From that moment on, Rocher has only one obsession : to catch the person who is trying to break up the team.
A prisoner of her mind, Chloe continues the investigation in her head, attempting to reconstruct evidence of the dreadful manipulation they have all been drawn into.


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Neutral Spanish

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