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Foreign Investigations

Affaires étrangères

SERIES 4 x 96'
Cop/Investigation / Action/Adventure


The further adventures of a very special cop who tracks down fugitive criminals all over the world.
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Directed by

Vincenzo Marano (The Mole 1, 2)


Bernard Yerlès (Buddies, Lovers... Dramas, Foreign Investigations)
Samantha Markowic
Audrey Fleurot (Call My Agent, Spiral, The Intouchables, French Women)
Amel Bent


Les Films de l’Astre, AT-Production, R.T.B.F (Télévision Belge)

2011 / Original language: French / Color

David Mercier is an unusual cop. Not just because of his sense of humor and endearing personality, but by the nature of his job: he searches the world for fugitives who have committed crimes on French soil. Mercier is assisted by “Mozart”, a young woman who knows computers better than anyone.
In the Dominican Republic, Mercier tracks down an alleged murderer.
In Morocco, his mission is to expose an illegal adoption network and rescue a kidnapped French child.
In Cambodia, he braves the jungle to find a notorious criminal and recover a priceless antiquity.
In Cuba, as Mercier hunts down a money-laundering suspect, Mozart is accused of murder and held in a Cuban jail until Mercier can produce the real killer… if there is one.


Directed by
Vincenzo Marano (The Mole 1 & 2)

Les Films de l'Astre, AT-Production, R.T.B.F (Télévision Belge) with the participation of TF1 and CNC / TSR (Switzerland)

Stefano Paradiso (The Musketeer, I Cento Passi)
and Kika Ungaro (The Mole)

Chief Editor
Bernie Serot
(The Mole 2)


Episode 1 / Pilot: Dominican Republic
In their first investigation, David and his assistant Mozart, a young woman who knows computers better than anyone, track alleged murderer François Kermann to the Dominican Republic. With the help of a French police captain on local assignment and thanks to the very attractive Clara, Mercier unravels a case that turns out to be much more complex than he thought.

Episode 2: Morocco
On his second case, David Mercier hits the streets of Morocco to investigate the kidnapping of a Moroccan child recently adopted by a French family. His leads take him to Casablanca and Ouarzazate, aided by a young fearless cop and the Head of the Moroccan Police Criminal Division. To expose the illegal adoption network, Mercier must go undercover as a husband looking for a child to adopt. When his boss, police commissioner Joubert, shows up to play his wife, the two enjoy their roles above and beyond the call of duty.

Episode 3: Cambodia
An archeologist in Corsica is murdered and a priceless antiquity stolen. The jade elephant was a gift from the King of Siam to King Louis XIV and one of only two in the world. The other is in Cambodia and at risk.
David Mercier braves the Cambodian jungle to track down the notorious criminal who has stolen the antiquity. He is helped by an attractive female assistant and a strange Asian expert in ancient art. On the way he is reunited with a childhood friend, a Buddhist monk who also lends him a hand.

Episode 4: Cuba
In Cuba, as Mercier hunts down a drugs dealer
France – Mozart’s fiancé, lieutenant Vivier, is killed during a raid gone wrong by Antonio Garibaldi, son of a powerful Cuban industrialist, who manages to escape. Pregnant with Vivier’s child, Mozart is in shock and forced to take a leave of absence. Mercier is meanwhile sent to Cuba, on a mission to find the murderer. Cuba – His investigation leads Mercier to the powerful Garibaldi family’s rum distillery. Convinced that the patriarch is protecting his son Antonio, Mercier painstakingly trails him and finally ends up locating the fugitive’s hideout. But instead of being apprehended, Antonio Garibaldi is found dead… with Mozart standing nearby, weapon in hand. Mercier is in shock. All clues point to Mozart, who is immediately arrested by local police. Certain of his friend’s innocence, Mercier will do everything in his power to find the real killer and clear Mozart’s name.


Up to 6.3 Million viewers on TF1 prime-time
Average Market share of 23.3 % on individual 4+
Average Market share of 30.8 % on Housewives


Episode Morocco:

“After the success of the first installment, the magic is still alive! A strong and effective script on a difficult subject. Audrey Fleurot is excellent and Amel Bent is great!”
Télé 7 Jours

Télé Star / Télé Poche

“The Bernard Yerlès-Audrey Fleurot duo works perfectly and is a huge asset for this exotic new series that promises more great adventure to come.”
“A telefilm that works, thanks to its well-constructed plot and the talent of its two main actors, Bernard Yerlès and Audrey Fleurot.”
Télé Cable Sat

“An efficient cast and magnificent imagery of Morocco.”
Télé Loisirs


“...light, exotic. The postcard landscapes and turbulent Latino music add a welcome touch of exoticism. Refreshing. Entertaining.”

““This new kind of cop promises us new horizons with every episode. Bernard Yerlès is cool and efficient in the role – the hero of this pilot will surely find an audience.”
Télé 7 Jours

"A thrilling story in a very dynamic and well-acted crime drama. Hats off to the charismatic Bernard Yerlès.”
Télé Magazine

"The actor is sure to win over large audiences with his exotic assignments.”
Télé Cable Sat

"An endearing cop duo."
Télé Loisirs

"A highly glamorous crime drama.”
L'Yonne Républicaine / Centre Presse / Presse Océan / Courrier de l'Ouest / Le Maine / L'Indépendant...

“An investigation run smoothly by a cop as atypical as he is likeable. The sunshine of the Dominican Republic is a bonus.”
Télé Z

"Exotic travel, humor, action… Bernard Yerlès carries this pilot with energy and efficiency.”
Télé Poche

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