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CLEM, Teen Mom - Season 1

Clem - Saison 1

SERIES 3 x 96' in a series totalizing 4 episodes
Comedy drama


A moving and high-rated comedy about being a teen ... and a mom!
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Directed by

Joyce Bunuel (Clem, Teen Mom, Salsa)


Jérôme Anger (The Curse of the the Templars)
Lucie Lucas
Victoria Abril (Sin Noticias de Dios, Kika, High Heels)


Merlin Productions, AT-Productions, R.T.B.F (Télévision belge) with the participation of TF1 and RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse)

2010 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77

Clem was a regular 16-year-old, with parents, friends, a boyfriend… Until she realized she was pregnant and it was too late for an abortion. She told her parents, but even cool and loving Jean-Paul and Caro had trouble dealing with this crisis.
Now that Valentin is born, Clem must face a whole new way of life. Now, she has to learn and deal with the realities of motherhood while passing her exams, managing her boyfriend’s reluctance to be a dad, her own mom’s return to work and keeping an eye on Valentin’s pushy other grandmother.
All this while trying to remain a teenager!


Episode 1: Mom too soon
Clem is a regular 16-year-old, with parents, friends, a boyfriend… Until she realizes she is pregnant and it’s too late for an abortion.
She tells her parents, but even cool and loving Jean-Paul and Caro have trouble dealing with this crisis. In addition to the toll it takes on their family, Jean-Paul being a teacher at Clem’s high school is not spared any of the judgments and attitudes from students and fellow teachers. And what will happen to Caro’s decision to go back to work after 9 years of homemaking?
As for Clem, she may be faced with a new and sometimes challenging life, but she’s still a teenager!

Episode 2: Welcome, Baby!
Clem is happy to announce the birth of Valentin. The baby and mother are in good health, the father is delighted and the grandparents are gaga over the little bundle. The other bit of good news is that life is now going to resume its normal course! Or at least that’s what Clem seems to think with the wisdom of her sixteen years. Her mother Caro, though, knows that serious business awaits them: sleepless nights, homework, friends, finding a nanny, Julien... and to top it all off, Caro and her husband Jean-Paul may share crib duty but they still haven’t made up!

Episode 3: Hooray for Summer!
Clem is green with envy watching all her friends take off on a camping trip and having to stay home with baby. But Julien has also stayed behind to take care of his son, so if Clem wants to win him back it’s now or never! As for Clem’s parents, still separated, there won’t be any vacation either. What’s more, Jean-Paul springs the news on Caro that he has found his own apartment. A risky move. Could it be the final straw that breaks their marriage? Looks like a hot summer for the Boissier family!

Episode 4: Back to school!
For Clem, this fall is no spring picnic. It’s Get that high school diploma time! With an emphasis in “Oops! I’m a Mom!” And as if juggling baby bottles with cramming for tests isn’t enough to handle, in walks the most incredibly attractive guy Clem has ever seen: Mathieu, 20 years old, dark and handsome, with a shady past. Jean-Paul and Caro watch their daughter like a hawk – one grandson is enough, thank you. It’s the No Vacancy sign in this family for the next ten years!



"Fans of the film Lol (Loughing Out Loud) will enjoy this tender TV movie carried by the irresistible Victoria Abril."
"A comedy between laughs and tears, carried by outstanding actors who realistically portray characters in great psychological turmoil.”

"You feel shaken by this story, played with conviction by all of the actors."
"Victoria Abril is wonderful as a loving mother overwhelmed by the situation. Jérôme Anger is more real than real life... young Lucie Lucas plays on a razor’s edge between strength and fragility.”
Le Monde TV

"A historical success !"
Le Parisien

"A huge success! Highest ratings for a French fiction in 3 years!”
"Victoria Abril and Lucie Lucas are outstanding... A lively and moving family story."
Télé Poche

"A TV movie that does a public service!"

"A great comedy on TF1. The story by Joyce Bunuel is stamped with the mark of authenticity. We laugh a lot with this lovely movie that really shines."

“The right tone, without sentimentality.”
Le Figaro ***

"Very true-to-life... a cross between Lol and Juno."

"Victoria Abril energetically carries this light and entertaining fiction which addresses a serious subject.”
Télé Cable Sat

"Victoria Abril is funny and moving."
"Right on the mark, between humor and seriousness. Fiery-spirited Victoria Abril and young discovery Lucie Lucas are gripping.”
Télé Loisirs

"The actors are excellent... a touching story.”

"Victoria Abril is as funny as she is warm.”
Télé 7 Jours

"A comedy at the heart of a pertinent subject, which it treats with simplicity and good humor.”
Télé Z

Further episodes:

“The series addresses – with humor and sensitivity – a real-life problem. A dynamically paced story and a sure crowd-pleaser.”
“A sensitive and funny comedy that dedramatizes the subject of teen pregnancy without minimizing its significance.”
Télé 7 Jours

“A really enjoyable family comedy with actors who have energy to spare. Give us more!”
Télé Z

“A cocktail of humor, emotion and sensitivity.”
Télé Star

“This first episode rings true. The show sparkles with the vivacious spirit of Victoria Abril and the freshness of Lucie Lucas.”
Télé Loisirs

“Always spot-on.”
Tv Grandes Chaînes

“A touching, open-minded, and impeccably presented show that is lively, sharp, modern and full of color.”
“Just as entertaining as the preceding episodes. Three cheers for Victoria Abril, who sparkles.”
Télé Magazine


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