Bad Cops Anonymous

Les ripoux anonymes

Comedy / Cop/Investigation

Cops with a crooked past help a new trainee stay clean
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Directed by

Claude Zidi (Asterix Obelix 1) , Julien Zidi


Annie Gregorio (Teen Mom, The Avignon Prophecy, The Poisoner)
Laurent Gamelon (The Closet, The Valet, Diane Crime Fighter)


Panama Productions

2010 / Original language: French / Color

After thirty years on the force profiting from shady deals and advantages, Antoine Minda has decided to become a straight, honest cop. He and some colleagues have created “Bad Cops Anonymous”, a therapy group to help fellow cops resist the tempting trap of corruption. Their good intentions are put to the test when a young rookie arrives and falls harder than anyone. Minda and the group try to save him and set him back on the straight and narrow.


Directed by
Claude Zidi
(Asterix and Obelix 1)
and Julien Zidi
(First assistant director on I’ve Loved You So Long and One Day, You’ll Understand)

Director of Photography
Manuel Teran
(13th District, Highlander the series)

Chief editor
Nicole Saunier
(Paris Enquêtes Criminelles, Asterix and Obelix 1)


“The Gamelon-Ben duo works wonderfully. The dialogue is good, the script efficient, and the supporting actors are right on. Sophie Mounicot is excellent. Cops like that leave you asking for more!”

“A light, well-written cop comedy. A great success!”
Tv Grandes Chaînes / Télé Loisirs

“Served up by a great team of actors, this entertaining cop comedy is a pleasure to follow.”
Télé Star

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