Maverick Judge - pilot

La loi selon Bartoli


He seeks the truth, but hates the rules
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Directed by

Judith Magre

Laurence Katrian (R.I.S, Chasing Love)


Stéphane Freiss (The Two-Sided Mirror, Black Butterfly)


LittleBIG, AT-Production, RTBF, MMX

2009 / Original language: French / Color / 1.66 / Stereo / available in hd

Investigating magistrate Judge Bartoli is charming, irreverent and allergic to rules. Above all, he will stop at nothing to shed light on the truth. Even when all clues point to a suspect’s guilt, if Judge Bartoli isn’t convinced, no one can stand in the way of his investigation, as he picks apart the motivations of criminal minds.
Like in the case of a young deadbeat accused of murdering a woman whose home he broke into. Convinced of his innocence, despite the evidence, Judge Bartoli leads his team into an in-depth scrutiny of the young man’s character. Concurrently, the judge re-opens a cold, unsolved case…


Written by
Hervé Korian
(Death List, Black Butterfly)

LittleBIG - AT-Production (RTBF) with the participation of TF1

Kika Ungaro
(Escape Mission, The Mole)
Olivier Guéneau
(The Impossible Truth)

Chief editors
Stéphanie Gaurier
(The Mole, 13th District, Yamakasi)

Startos Gabrielidis
(Anything You Say)

and Gaëlle Ramillon
(The Crows)


"Reminds you of Dr. House... a modern hero."
France Soir

"An irresistibly funny pilot for a new series. We want more.”
Télé Z

"Original and funny.... a gem."
Télé Cable Sat

"An extremely promising first episode.”
Télé Obs

"You will love this unconventional judge.”
"Stéphane Freiss is at his best, with cleverly crafted investigations, humor and suspense. We want more.”
Télé 7 Jours

"There is a little Mentalist and a little Doctor House in this character gifted with uncommon psychological insight and a ruggedness that is mysteriously attractive... The supporting cast is a likeable and original troupe whose company we enjoy.”
La Croix

"TF1 seems to have found a series hero up to par with the American heroes that fill up its evening programming and generate its high ratings... This new series is very promising because it is quick-paced and funny. The main character is everything he should be, the story is very well crafted and the dialogue is brilliant... A success.”
Télé 2 Semaines

"A provocative and tremendously efficient judge.”
"The dialogue is marvelous."
Télé Poche

"A charming, irreverent and funny judge.”
Télé Star

"Stéphane Freiss brilliantly plays an original and iconoclastic character.”
TV Grandes Chaînes

"Original and dynamic – this TV movie is a success.”
Télé Loisirs

"You will lo-ove it! Reminds you of Doctor House, with delightfully sarcastic humor. The character is surprising and explosive.”

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